United Russia does not affect the passage of candidates in mayors of Moscow municipal filter

MOSCOW, June 19. /TASS/. The leadership of the Moscow branch of the party “United Russia” does not oblige municipal deputies elected from the party, to help to place the candidate in mayors of Moscow municipal filter. This was stated on Tuesday, the Secretary of the Moscow city branch of “United Russia” Andrey Metelsky.

Earlier in party declared that they would support the independent candidate Sergei Sobyanin at the upcoming elections.

“No pressure from the party, no indication the deputies-United Russia party to support other candidates we are not going to give. We do not believe that we have a moral right,” said Metelsky at the enlarged meeting of the regional branch of the party.

He added that “United Russia” always adheres to the principles of democracy and constructively applies to any offers, allowing you to comply with these principles. “We are not afraid of competition, because all the rights we too are winning in competition with other political parties. It is quite normal,” he said.

Earlier, 18 people had applied to the Moscow city election Commission the documents for nomination as candidates for mayor. Acting mayor Sergei Sobyanin participates in elections as the independent candidate. The Communist party is running the ex – Deputy of the Moscow city Duma and the state Duma Vadim Kumin, from “Fair Russia” – municipal Deputy Ilya Sviridov. In addition, the number of applicants for a post of the mayor, ex-state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov nominated by “Civil initiative”, the independents: the head of the municipality “Krasnoselskoe” Ilya Yashin, the leader of group “metal Corrosion” Sergey Troitsky, businessman Herman Sterligov, social activist and journalist Anton Krasovsky.

Each candidate for registration in the elections is necessary to overcome the municipal filter to collect the support signatures of at least 110 municipal deputies in 110 municipalities. This resource on the results of the last in last year’s municipal elections has only the “United Russia”. The independent candidate must also enlist the support of 36 million voters. Elections of the mayor of Moscow will be held September 9, in a single day of voting.