The experts assessed the activity Kholmanskikh on the post of the Plenipotentiary in UrFO

TASS, June 26. Igor Kholmanskikh during the work in the office of the presidential envoy in the Urals Federal district (UFD) is remembered primarily for his activities aimed at protecting the interests of working people, and the new envoy will have to engage in electoral processes in the Urals Federal district – said, respondents TASS experts.

Previously TASS reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed Igor Kholmanskikh from the post of Plenipotentiary of the President in the Urals Federal district. The presidential envoy in the Urals Federal district the head of state appointed the former assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Nikolai Tsukanov.

“The results (of work Kholmanskikh) all know. It is a known statement in support of the President and the creation of the movement “In defense of human labor”, – said in an interview with TASS Director of the Ural branch of the Fund of development of civil society Anatoly Gagarin, noting that the new envoy, first and foremost, you will need to be actively involved in electoral processes in Tyumen.

The tank with the power

In December 2011 during a straight line with the former then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, forty-two head tank workshop of Uralvagonzavod Igor Kholmanskikh criticized actions of the opposition, who organized a number of protests in Russia after elections in the state Duma. Referring to Putin, Kholmanskikh said, “… If our police is not able to work, can not cope with the men ready themselves to go out and defend their stability, but, of course, in the framework of the law.”

In January 2012, in Yekaterinburg held a mass rally of workers on which tank builders had planned to come to their own production. In the end, the tank in the square, but the protection of the working class actively entered the political agenda. It was soon powered by the movement “In defense of human labor”, co-chair of which was Kholmanskikh. The leaders of the movement declared its goal of protecting the interests of workers. “Working man” is what really attracted attention to the people working jobs that are very important,” – said in an interview with TASS Deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Sysoev.

In may 2012, Vladimir Putin appointed Igor Kholmanskikh, the Plenipotentiary representative of the President in UrFO. This is the first case in Russia when the Ambassador was not a politician or a civil servant.

Projects for entities

Experts say that on a post of the Plenipotentiary envoy Kholmanskikh has managed to build relations with constituent entities of the Urals Federal district, to implement projects for the protection of working people and the support of talented youth. The government of Chelyabinsk region called important initiatives which have been implemented in Kholmanskikh. “Of course, it was valuable that in the Urals, with a forum “MORNING”, where talented young people could present their projects and exchange ideas with colleagues from other regions. Also for the Chelyabinsk region because of the specificity was an important festival “Glorify the working man”, we have repeatedly held him on the ground, thereby expressing interest in such things,” – said the press service of the Chelyabinsk government.

In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district noted the importance of the character of envoy Kholmanskikh for the enterprises of subjects of the Urals Federal district. “The Ambassador was personally involved in solving strategically important issues in the region, showing a competent understanding of the situation on the ground, and this largely made him a political figure who rallied the regions of the Ural Federal district in achieving the strategic objectives set by the President of the Russian Federation”, – noted in the Department of public and foreign relations of Ugra.

The new envoy

The sides TASS hope that the new Ambassador Nikolay Tsukanov will continue to work to improve the lives of the Urals, and also believe that he would have to be actively involved in electoral processes. In particular, the Chelyabinsk region Governor Boris Dubrovsky in an interview with TASS expressed confidence that the Tsukanov will continue its policy of constructive cooperation and effective work in the interests of economic and social development of the region, improve the quality of life of South Urals.

Anatoly Gagarin considers that Tsukanov needs to be involved in electoral processes in the region “Tyumen dolls” – in the Tyumen region and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district (YANAO).

“Ahead of two election campaigns: this election in the Tyumen region and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district, it is quite a responsible task, and I think that the new Plenipotentiary representative would have to engage in this work”, – said Gagarin.