Aksenov called PR campaign of the Navy exercises of Ukraine on the border with the Crimea

SIMFEROPOL, June 27. /TASS/. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov called the exercise troops of naval forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region near the Peninsula PR campaign. On Wednesday reported the press service of the Crimean government.

“Exercises of the armed forces of Ukraine near the borders of the Russian Crimea is a PR campaign that has no practical significance from a military point of view. The real possibilities of the Ukrainian army is not comparable with the possibilities of not only the Armed forces of Russia, but of Russian forces in the Crimea”, – quotes the words Aksenova his press service.

The head of the Crimea also noticed that the “demonstrative exercises” near the border with the Peninsula “show the world that Kiev is not going to abandon its policies of terror, intimidation and armed provocation against the Crimean people.” “And if this criminal regime was even the slightest ability to use armed force against the population of the Peninsula, he would have used it without hesitation,” – said Aksenov.

In this regard, he noted that the current “strengthening the military presence on the Peninsula is absolutely justified and necessary.”

As reported Wednesday by the press center of the Ukrainian naval forces, the military of naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine (naval forces of the AFU) with subordinates artillery pieces held exercises on the territory of Kherson region near the Crimea. During the exercise, “gunners worked the issues of targets, were conducted training with the actual adjustment of fire on targets in the enemy concentration areas”, as well as the actions of the artillery in conditions of reduced visibility and at night.