Ushakov told how will be organized the meeting of Putin and trump

MOSCOW, June 27. /TASS/. Moscow and Washington agreed on time and place of the meeting of the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, details will be announced on Thursday, June 28. About it has informed journalists the assistant to the Russian leader Yury Ushakov after the meeting of the Russian President and assistant to the President for homeland security John Bolton.

“This question [about the summit] between our countries has been debated for quite a long time, it is discussed in closed channels. I can say that an agreement was reached on holding the summit, even the agreement about the time and place of the meeting, and this, obviously, we will work with U.S. counterparts will announce tomorrow,” Ushakov said on Wednesday.

Assistant to the President said only that the leaders will meet in a “comfortable” place in a third country. “Before meeting [Bolton with Putin] was held contacts closed, which was consistent parameters and the possibility of such a meeting [of the Russian and American leaders],” said Ushakov. According to him, “you selected a very comfortable place for us and for the American side”. “This third party”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

Answering a question, whether there was discussion about the venue of the summit, assistant to the President said that the negotiation was closed and he has no right to go into details.

The summit will be designed for a few hours, says Ushakov. “This [meeting] is probably a few hours will take”, – he said. “Probably, presidents will meet in the middle of the day. Undoubtedly, there will be a tête-à-tête, it’s probably some kind of ceremonial event, probably a working lunch and joint press conference”, he suggested.

Summit with an eye on the result

Ushakov suggested that Putin and trump at the summit can issue a joint statement.

“It was a speech that presidents can agree on a joint statement that would outline further steps the two sides in terms of improving bilateral relations and joint action in the international arena, and in terms of ensuring international stability and security,” he said.

According to him, the priorities are some major themes of the summit: strategic stability, combating international terrorism, regional issues, including all conflicts in the world and the resumption of bilateral relations.

“All of these topics are fundamentally important for us and for the Americans, – said Ushakov. – But if to speak about topics that could be discussed [at the summit] I can only assume is probably is the situation in bilateral relations, it’s probably a settlement in Syria and international stability and disarmament dossier.”

Given this agenda passed and Putin’s conversation with Bolton. “They discussed Russian-American relations, including in the context of the preparation of the summit Putin – trump,” – said Ushakov.

Message To Trump

Ushakov also said that Putin’s words sent a message to Trump. “Our President has brought to John Bolton some thoughts which are intended for transfer only to the Trump. The conversation was in the nature of negotiations, nothing in writing was not sent”, – he stressed.

Speaking of the oral message, Ushakov said that “it was the wish of success and all the best, and so forth.” “In the end, our President just said that he attaches to the forthcoming meeting of very great importance and will be preparing for it, and he said hi to Trump,” – said the representative of the Kremlin.


Ushakov added that it plans on Wednesday to continue discussions with Bolton details of the forthcoming summit.

“Today I’m going to meet with Bolton and we will agree exactly how to do it better [to announce details of the summit Putin-trump],” said a Kremlin spokesman told reporters. The assistant to the Russian leader stressed that the summit Putin and trump is an extremely important event.

“This meeting was planned long ago, it is of great importance both for Russia and for America at the bilateral level. But it is of great importance for the whole international environment, – said Ushakov. – I think it will be a major international event this summer.”