Patrushev noted the vulnerability of transportation for terrorist attacks in the far East

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, July 3. /TASS/. The Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev said that the transport infrastructure in the far East remain vulnerable to terrorist attacks. He stated at the meeting dedicated to issues of transport security.

“Objects of transport infrastructure and vehicles remain potentially dangerous from the point of view of their vulnerability to acts of unlawful interference, including acts of terrorism”, – said Patrushev. According to him, these measures allowed not to complicate in recent years, the operational situation on transport in the County.

Secretary of the security Council criticized the work on the classification and assessment of the vulnerability of such facilities. According to him, the classification procedure in the far East were only 92% of transport objects, of which less than a third passed the evaluation of vulnerability. “It is very slow approved plans of transport security, – said Patrushev. Almost 90% of transport infrastructure and 85% of the vehicles such plans do not have.”

He noted that the likelihood of unauthorized access to transportation facilities is growing due to weak engineering staffing and lack of modern security systems with the small number of employees of protection of objects of transport. “More than half of the persons responsible for the work in the sphere of ensuring transport safety, have no special training that threatens their inability to respond adequately to the possible facts of illegal interference in the work of transport, not excluding terrorist acts”, – said Patrushev.

The protection of airfields

Secretary of the security Council also expressed the anxiety provoked by the lack of anti-terrorist protection of aerodromes of joint basing in the far East.

“The concern is identified during the audit deficiencies in the emergency service airports, as well as shortcomings in anti-terrorism security airports, this is especially true of aerodromes of joint basing,” – said Patrushev. “There are cases when in order to not to comply with the safety requirements of transportation of passengers established for aerodromes, they are without justification are translated into the category of landing sites”, he added.

Patrushev also noted the large number of accidents related to water transport, resulting in death. He declared problems with timely repair of rolling stock and railway tracks. With regard to road transport, Patrushev noted an increase in deaths of people on the roads by 12% over last year.

“This is the result of not only traffic violations, but bad roads, unequipped pedestrian crossings and lack of updates technical means necessary for liquidation of emergency situations and providing emergency medical assistance to victims”, – said the Secretary of the security Council. He also chided regulatory authorities in the electoral approach to bringing perpetrators to justice and weak control over execution of orders.

“The bodies of state power of subjects of Federation, bodies of state control and supervision should conduct an inventory of security of the population in all modes of transport”, – said Patrushev.