Journalist Krasovsky has not collected the required number of signatures for participation in elections of the mayor of Moscow

MOSCOW, July 3. /TASS/. Journalist and social activist Anton Krasovsky said that is not collected is necessary for registration on elections of the mayor of Moscow a number of voters ‘ signatures.

“We all thought, threw the marriage, and in the end we got 21 thousand signatures of Muscovites. Had at least 36 thousand We pass. I’m not going” – he wrote Tuesday in a Telegram.

Krasovskii stood as the independent candidate. The independents, in addition to the passage of the municipal filter (110 signatures of municipal deputies from 110 regions), it was necessary to collect 36 thousand signatures of voters. The Moscow election Committee will complete the acceptance of documents and signatures required for registration of candidates, today at 18:00 GMT.

Krasovsky said that does not rule out participation in elections in the future. “Next year, the city Council or the state Duma in 2021-m. we Will decide and prepare for it,” he wrote.

The mayoral elections will be held on 9 September. Documents on the nomination of the election Commission has filed more than 30 people. Acting mayor Sergei Sobyanin running for a new term as an independent candidate.