The state Duma has solved the size of pensions of deputies

MOSCOW, 5 July. /TASS/. The pension of the Deputy of the state Duma, work experience exceeding 10 years, will amount to nearly 63.5 thousand rubles per month. The relevant information is published on the official website of the lower chamber.

The report States that the acting Deputy from 5-10 years can count on a pension of $ 46,626 thousand rubles. Those who had been a Deputy for 10 years or more, will receive a pension in the amount 63,581 thousand rubles. If a citizen has worked in the Duma less than five years, neither what supplements he can not expect.

However, it is argued that until 2017 the pension accrued otherwise. The amount of pension and the Supplement to it for those who was a Deputy from one to three years, accounting for 55% of salary. 75% of the remuneration received by those who have been a member of more than three years. Those who already had the right to the surcharge to the changes in the law that preserved it.

The report said that in 2018 the average monthly salary of the Deputy – 399.3 thousand rubles to the payment of income tax. However, in accordance with the decree of the President from 2015 it is paid with a reduction of 10%. Thus, the actual average monthly salary in the first half of the year 388,5 thousand rubles (338 thousand after income taxes). Deputy, the remuneration from which is calculated a surcharge to pension, subject to indexation in the current year is 84,774 thousand rubles.