Zakharov: British intelligence agencies monitor telephone conversations Yulia Skripal

MOSCOW, 5 July. /TASS/. British intelligence agencies are interfering in contact Yulia Skripal with relatives. This opinion was expressed on Thursday the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in the program “Let them talk” on channel one.

In particular, Zakharov commented on the recent telephone conversation between Yulia and Victoria Skripal, a niece of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, poisoned in Salisbury. A recording of the conversation was reproduced in the First channel on Thursday.

“Up until now it’s been four months, and no one saw Skrobala. All we have seen is prepared by professionals using the technique of video-staged and orchestrated”, she said, adding that the family Skrobala continue to use in the political game. “Family Sripala is in the hands of British intelligence,” – said Zakharov.

“Even communication with their relatives from this family comes as if someone is behind them and moderates this story,” a diplomat said. She recalled that Victoria Skripal was denied the opportunity to visit Yulia the British side. “This suggests that any contact with this family London can not allow that”, – concluded the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

4 Mar 66-year-old Sergei Skripal, sentenced in Russia for espionage in favour of great Britain, and his 33-year-old daughter Julia has been in Salisbury, according to the British side, effects of nerve agents. Later London made a statement that this substance was supposedly developed in Russia, and on this basis accused Moscow of involvement in the incident. The Russian side has categorically denied all the speculation, arguing that programmes such substances neither in the USSR nor in Russia did not exist.