Spring called on Russian parliamentarians to visit the monuments to Soviet soldiers abroad

MOSCOW, July 6. /TASS/. Members of the Russian Parliament during official visits to other countries to visit the monuments to Soviet soldiers. With this initiative, on Friday at session of Presidium of the Council of legislators was made by Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Spring, commenting on the case of desecration of Soviet monuments in several countries.

“I think that should be the General practice: if any trip during official visits abroad, we, as parliamentarians, have to visit memorials to lay flowers, thus confirming our Russian national interest to honor the memory of those who died or in honor of whom the monuments in the territory of other countries, and see the condition of these monuments,” – said Yarovaya.

According to her, the problem of preservation of Soviet monuments “acquires a political dimension”. “It is not so much with the desire to destroy the past, how to build the future. Everything that is connected with the desecration of graves, monuments, historical memory, intended to deprive the younger generation of truthful knowledge about what the history and what are the lessons of this history,” said the legislator.

For its part the first Deputy Chairman of the Council of Federation Nikolay Fedorov stated that in the case of desecration of Soviet monuments are often talking “about the criminal connivance of the authorities.” Particularly unacceptable, he called the situation in the Baltic States and Ukraine.

On Thursday, unknown persons desecrated the memorial to Soviet soldiers-to liberators in the centre of Vienna, in Schwarzenbergplatz, pouring his black paint. The monument this year three times already had been desecrated. The Embassy of the Russian Federation each time was sent to MFA of Austria a note of protest with a demand to take urgent measures on elimination of the damage, the identification and punishment of those responsible, and prevent similar incidents in the future.