Embassy of the Russian Federation: the United States should exclude the Russian media from your list of registered as foreign agents

WASHINGTON, July 9. /TASS/. The United States should withdraw Russian media from the U.S. list of registered as a foreign agent and to cease to pursue them. It stressed on Sunday the Russian Embassy in the United States, commenting on expressed Friday by the state Department complained that the Russian justice Ministry recognized registered as a foreign agent “Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty” (RFE/RL) and “Voice of America”.

“Washington doesn’t like when installed them for other rules begin to apply to himself, – it is noted in the comments of the Embassy. – The state Department is unhappy that only funded from the budget of the media was in the list of foreign agents. It is easy to fix. The main condition is to stop chasing the Russian media in USA and bring them from the U.S. list of registered as a foreign agent”.

According to the Embassy, “the reaction of the state Department on possible next legislative limit its interference in the internal Affairs of Russia is quite predictable.” “Dedicated to the promotion of American interests under the guise of “liberal” values of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars as it is necessary to master. While Washington has no moral or legal right to demand anything from other countries, interference in the internal Affairs of which are in violation of the UN Charter and the Helsinki final act is an official policy of the United States,” said the diplomatic mission.

“The unwillingness to play by the General rules was the cause of the US withdrawal from the Council for human rights of the UN. And previously of UNESCO, one of the functions of which is to protect the rights of journalists, – says the commentary. In this area here is also wrong. So, hosted on American servers extremist Ukrainian resource “Peacemaker” containing the personal details of thousands of Western journalists, who visited the East of Ukraine, continues to operate smoothly”.

The head a press-services of the Department of state Heather Nauert said Friday that “in Russia, putting into practice the law on “foreign agents”, was the address chosen as targets, RFE/RL and “Voice of America”. In her words, “the state Duma on 3 July took another step towards the adoption of the amendments to the act which broadened the concept of “foreign agent” on the individuals involved in the preparation of materials for mass media”. “This will allow the Russian government to target independent journalists and bloggers in retaliation for their work”, – said Nauert.

Media law-registered as a foreign agent

At the end of 2017 in Russia was adopted the law on mass media acting as foreign agents. It allows you to recognize the media by noagenda if it receives funding from abroad. To the development and Supplement of this law, the state Duma on January 12 adopted in the first reading the bill which obliges the mass media acting as foreign agents to work in Russia to establish a Russian legal entity, and allows to recognize the media-noagenda individual. It was a response to the request of the US Department of justice, to RT America – the American branch of the Russian broadcaster to register as inherent in the United States.

On Tuesday the state Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications recommended the state Duma to adopt in the second reading of the bill. As noted at the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee in the finalization of the initiative for the second reading was formed “ten amendments, each of which is recommended for adoption”.

5 December 2017 it became known that the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation recognized registered as a foreign agent of the nine media. This “Voice of America”, RFE/RL, the channel “Real time”, the Tatar-Bashkir service of “Radio Liberty” (Azatliq Orthodox radio of St. Petersburg), “Siberia. Realities”, “Idel. Realities”, “Pictograph”, “The Caucasus. Realities”, “The Crimea. Realities”.