The state Duma Committee supported the introduction of penalties for abuse of the law on rallies

MOSCOW, July 11. /TASS/. The state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation at the meeting on Wednesday recommended the lower house adopt in the first reading a bill that introduces fines of up to 100 thousand rubles for abuse of the law “on the organization of events, expressed in a mass filing of requests for meetings without a purpose of their conduct”. The authors of the initiative were made by Dmitry Vyatkin, Alena Arshinova and Alexander Gribov.

In particular, the Code of administrative offences is proposed to add a new article “abuse of the right to hold a public event”. She provides penalties “for filing a notice of holding a public event without a goal, its implementation, failure to notify authorities about the refusal to hold public events or delays in filing of such notice”.

For citizens the penalty will be in the amount from 5 thousand to 25 thousand rubles, for officials – from 10 thousand to 30 thousand rubles, and for legal entities – from 20 thousand to 100 thousand rubles. The relevant administrative proceedings will be instituted by officials of internal Affairs bodies (police) and considered by judges of district courts.

As recalled in the explanatory Memorandum, after approval of time and place of the meeting, the authorities are obliged to ensure public order and security of citizens, and the provision, if necessary, to the participants of a medical emergency. This implies that “expenditure of budgetary funds for the delivery of metal detectors and metal detectors to ensure the safety of participants at the entrance, on the remuneration of employees of bodies of internal Affairs, medical workers on duty during the event, and in some cases, it may also entail the need for blocking the traffic of vehicles,” the authors note.

However, according to them, the last time “the cases of misuse of the right to hold public events, reflected in the fact that the competent authorities based on the received notification to take the necessary measures to ensure that the event, which is in fact not carried out”. “Often, these cases are clearly provocative in nature”, – the Deputy believes.

“The most striking example of such abuses is the filing of a citizen of 660 notifications for a single day off in early December of 2017 660 public events in the same place in St. Petersburg (every minute a new event). All activities were coordinated, but has not been carried out. Thus, the competent authorities for 11 hours were required to ensure the presence of employees of internal Affairs bodies and ambulances in the stated place”, – stated in the accompanying materials.