The CEC approved the formation of country polling stations on elections of the mayor of Moscow

MOSCOW, July 11. /TASS/. Members of the Central election Commission (CEC) approved the procedure of formation of polling stations outside the territory of the capital on the Moscow mayoral elections on September 9. The decision taken in the meeting of the Central election Commission, reports on Wednesday, the correspondent of TASS.

“This is a pilot project designed for implementation of electoral rights. There are different opinions. Some say that the more more modern, less control. It is very important to comply with security, maximum transparency, maximum convenience, to remove all barriers and to provide maximum control – it is necessary to combine it all. On this we will work together with you [Moscow], – said the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

Deputy Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev said that Moscow is conducting this experiment is not for the sake of the upcoming elections, “and for Russia that we in General in the next election could have on the basis of these events to make a huge step forward.”

“It is clear that this is possible even as an experiment, only because Moscow has such a organizational, technological, financial and human potential, because without this it is impossible to implement the project. With all this we understand that it is only a step towards creating the social atmosphere that is calm to make a very important proposal, which we are working, not only about the extra-territorial sites for voting, but also about the extraterritoriality themselves of precinct election commissions”, – said Bulaev.

On the suburban areas

Deputies of Moscow city Council adopted the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin a draft law on the possibility of establishing polling stations outside the capital. Moscow authorities are planning to organize suburban areas to transport hubs and major non-profit associations, because, as explained by the initiative of the mayor, elections will be held in the “summer time”.

Earlier, the head of the working group in the Moscow city election Commission on formation of polling stations outside the territory of the city of Moscow, the Moscow city Duma Chairman Alexei Shaposhnikov announced that the working group recommends to form 209 country polling stations for the elections of the mayor of the capital in the four surrounding regions – in Moscow, Kaluga, Tula and Vladimir regions.

Elections of the mayor of Moscow will be held September 9, in a single day of voting.