Putin said that Russia has no dirt on trump

NEW YORK, July 17. /TASS/. Russia does not have any materials which compromised the US President Donald trump. This was stated Monday in an interview with broadcaster Fox News Russian President Vladimir Putin after talks with trump in Helsinki.

“We have no dirt and can not be. Don’t want to offend you, Mr President, trump and afraid to seem impolite, but before he announced that he will be a candidate for the presidency, he did not represent for us any interest,” – said the Russian leader.

“He’s a rich man, but rich people in the United States a lot. He was engaged in the construction business, he held beauty contests. In my head no one could have imagined that he would someday be President of the United States”, – Putin said, speaking about the life of trump.

“He never talked about his political ambitions. So it’s just nonsense,” – said the President of Russia, commenting on assumptions about the presence of Moscow compromising the current head of the US administration.

“You know, I was talking at a press conference [in Helsinki], in Petersburg (at the international economic forum – approx. TASS) came 550 of the largest American businessmen, each of them is probably larger than Mr. trump. And you think we are totally with all the work, running our intelligence service for everyone, something eavesdropping and spying?” – asked Putin, host of the Fox News channel, Chris Wallace.

“First, we do not do, unlike you. You must judge for yourself. Secondly, we have the money so no, neither the strength nor the means to all totally monitored. It’s not just not part of our plans, it’s impossible, and nothing against trump, of course, we did,” – concluded the President.

Russia as a state has never interfered in US internal Affairs

“I already said that in 2016 and would now like to repeat and would like to your American audience heard my answer, he said. – Russia as a state has never interfered in the internal Affairs of the United States, especially in elections.” “Do you think that the territory of the Russian Federation to influence the election in the United States and affect millions of Americans? This is ridiculous,” said the Russian leader.

“Those hackers mentioned all the time, opened the mail, we are told, and there was information about what is inside the Democratic party manipulations occur in favor of one of candidates – the President continued. The leadership of the Executive organs of the party resigned, as I recall. That is, they recognized this fact, in my opinion, the most important thing. You need to stop the manipulation of public opinion in the United States and apologize to the voters for what was done, not to look for the culprits who allegedly did it.”

The first reports attributed to Russian interference in the electoral process in the United States appeared in the midst of the presidential campaign in July 2016 after breaking the correspondence of the leadership of the Democratic party (DP), which was published on the WikiLeaks website. Then it turned out that in the primaries the national Committee of DP supported Hillary Clinton, acting to the detriment of her party member Bernie Sanders. As claimed by Clinton, to the email hacking was related to Russian hackers. According to the same version of WikiLeaks, the documents were obtained from insiders in the DP.

January 6, the office of the Director of National intelligence (coordinates the work of 17 intelligence) published a report stating that a hacker attack on the computer system was undertaken in order to “undermine public confidence in the democratic process in the United States” and to discredit Clinton, to increase the chances of trump. No evidence was presented, and the failure to publish was due to the need to protect sources of information. Moscow has repeatedly denied speculation about its interference in the electoral process in the United States.