Putin called natural sympathy in Russia. during the election campaign

HELSINKI, July 16. /TASS/. Sympathy, which arose in the Russian society to the address of Donald trump during his campaign for the U.S. presidency in 2016, was quite natural. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at press conference following Russian-American summit.

“President trump as the candidate talked about the need to restore Russian-American relations. Of course, in Russian society, there was a liking for the candidate, and different people in different ways could this sympathy be”, – said the Russian leader.

“Isn’t it natural to have sympathy for the person who wants to build relations with our country? This is normal,” he said.

The President of Russia once again called the allegations of collusion during the presidential campaign in the United States is “complete nonsense”. “We were not familiar. President [trump] said,” said Putin.

Compromising was not

The Russian President called nonsense talk about the fact that Russia has been gathering information on trump and advised me to put “that stuff”.

“As for some sleaze. So I heard about this – supposedly we have collected dirt on Mr. trump, when he came to Moscow. Dear colleague, when Mr. trump has arrived in Moscow, I didn’t even know he is there. I respect Mr. Trump as to the American head of state, but when he came in as a businessman, I didn’t even know that he is in Moscow”, – said the head of the Russian state at a press conference following the summit Russia – the USA.

Representatives of the US media asked Putin, “does the Russian government is some kind of compromising material against trump and his family”, which aroused laughter among the Russian President.

For example, he cited the St. Petersburg international economic forum, which this year was attended by more than 500 American businessmen, with the highest rank. “I even their names I do not remember. And guess what, we are each of them organized by the operational work and collect some dirt?” I was amazed Putin. “More nonsense is hard to imagine just. Throw this peel out of my head!” – asked the Russian leader to the American journalists.

The final conclusion can only be done by the court

The President of Russia added that all accusations of Russian interference crumble in a us court. “We have heard allegations against the company “Concord”. As far as I know, this firm has hired us lawyers and all charges in its address are scattered in an American court,” – said the Russian leader.

“Look at what is happening in the courts. That we must rely, not on rumors,” – he stressed.

He added that the issue of Russian interference in the election campaign of the United States must rely not on short-term interests of political forces, and on the facts, but they are not.

The final conclusion in the dispute about the Russian intervention in the American elections can only be done by the court, not the operational service of the United States, Putin summed up. “The United States is a democratic state? If so, the final word in a dispute of this kind [about the alleged Russian intervention in the American elections] can only be made by the court, not operational services,” – said the head of state.

He recalled that this intervention accuse the company “Concord”, which is engaged in the restaurant business in Russia. “But they [the company] does not represent the Russian state”, – said Putin. According to him, even if this company was really trying to influence the election, then the same can be accused and businessman George Soros. “He interferes everywhere, but it is the position of the American government? No, the President said. Is the position of a private person.”

The Russian leader reiterated his proposals, which involve allegations against employees of the Russian special services. According to Putin, in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement Russia and the United States for Washington to send Moscow an official request, and in Russia it is possible to interview the security officers, including with participation of officials of the United States. The head of state noted that in this case, Moscow will expect from Washington reciprocity in dealing with similar problems. “Let’s subject to discuss and not to use Russian-American relations as a bargaining card in the political American struggle,” concluded the President.


In mid-February, the U.S. government brought official charges against 13 citizens of the Russian Federation and three Russian organizations in attempts to interfere in American political processes and the election of the presidential race of 2016. The indictment, consisting of 37 pages, was prepared by the office of spectracolor Robert Mueller. Among the accused of conspiracy against the United States – 12 employees “of the Agency’s Internet research”. As alleged in the indictment, “Agence Internet research”, “starting in 2014, participated in operations to intervention in the elections and political processes in the United States.”

In addition, Mueller has indicted Russian businessman Eugene Prigogine in funding anti-American information operations, which were allegedly conducted “by the Agency of Internet research”. According to the authorities of the American Prosecutor, “Agence Internet research has received funds for its operations from the accused Prigogine and its controlled companies, including “the Concorde management and consulting” and “Concord catering”.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov in an interview with reporters said that the Mueller investigation is of a useless character. According to him, “in Russian it is called to pound water in a mortar”. Prior to that, Moscow has repeatedly denied allegations of attempts to influence the elections in the United States.