Matvienko: between trump and Putin have developed an atmosphere of trust

MOSCOW, July 16. /TASS/. The speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko considers that the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump has the atmosphere of trust.

“It seemed to me that the atmosphere of trust between the leaders of our countries. Despite the fact that one and the other talked about the fact that we have differences on some issues, we have different approaches and different views. But it was said with respect to the point of view of the partner,” she said on Monday, commenting on the last Helsinki summit of heads of state.

“If there was such a quote as it is on the stock exchanges at the political exchange, I think that quote after this meeting would significantly risen up,” she said. According to the speaker of the Federation Council, “it was impossible not to feel positive that came from this meeting.”

She added that the meeting of the presidents of the US and Russia plays a huge role not only for political dialogue but also for stability in the world.

“The meeting of the presidents of the USA and Russia was very long awaited. She plays a huge role not only for the establishment, restore normal political dialogue, normal bilateral relations. This meeting is of great importance for peace, for stability in the world”, – said Matvienko.

She believes the main result of the summit that made a step towards the political dialogue between the countries. “This move will certainly push and other agencies of the United States, Russia in particular format to start the dialogue that we have already seen on the first trip [U.S.] senators, who arrived in Russia, and suggested that such dialogue”, – said Matvienko.

However, it noted with regret that after returning home the senators “change” statements. According to Matvienko, in many ways it requires to do the political situation.

Positions require interpretation

The Federation Council speaker added that the summit Putin and trump positions require thought and careful evaluations.

“We must be very careful in the estimates and in the subsequent steps, because it requires understanding everything that was said. Require understanding of the positions of the two parties and understanding where and how they can be together”, she said.

Matviyenko also urged to be “careful [in expectations] from the point of view of possibilities in the current political environment of the United States” to implement arrangements that are likely to have been achieved. She also recalled that the leaders of countries work under different conditions. According to the Chairman of the Federation Council, “the President of the United States is more difficult to” act “because the political situation in the States might not even let him until the end to say what he thinks.”

“But most importantly, I think, is [that] have a relationship”, she concluded.

“Patient dialogue”

Matvienko urged not to expect in the near future concrete results of the meeting of the leaders of the USA and Russia, because, according to her, while the need to continue the “patient dialogue.”

“Wait for tomorrow practical results will not work. Needs patient, long dialogue, continued contacts, continued reaching a mutually acceptable two-state solution. But I think that now the world is somewhat calm,” – said the speaker of the Federation Council.

She stressed that the beginning of a dialogue between the two leaders is a very good signal. “A comprehensive dialogue, inclusive dialogue and very informative. Judging not only on time, but the results of the press conference and the expressed views of our Minister of foreign Affairs and other participants in this dialogue”, – said the speaker of the Federation Council.

Matvienko considers that it is necessary to continue “to try to promote political dialogue at the highest level, on high, on the parliamentary and on the other”. “The only way to build an atmosphere of trust,” she said.

The desire to hear each other

In addition, Matvienko believes that the meeting between the two leaders demonstrated their mutual interest and desire to hear each other.

“The meeting was rather long, meaningful substantive and more of the time which was planned. This suggests that there was great interest among the leaders to each other when discussing how the bilateral agenda and key pressing international problems. There was a desire to hear each other, listen to the argument, in some way, maybe to narrow the differences,” – said the speaker of the upper house of Parliament.

The Senator noted that no one in Russia had expected this first meeting will bring great benefits. “But for me, this meeting exceeded my expectations,” she stated.

The speaker of the Federation Council also noted the very positive atmosphere that reigned at the final press conference of the leaders of the USA and Russia. “It was visible on the faces, lines and views. Anyone who has worked in the field of foreign relations, he understands what I’m talking about. I had a feeling that the meeting was simply remarkable,” said Matvienko, who worked for several years in the diplomatic service.