Putin told Russian diplomats on objectives

MOSCOW, July 19. /TASS/. Russia’s active participation in world Affairs is dictated by our main national interest – ensuring the most favourable, safe environment for breakthrough development of the country, addressing major social, economic challenges, improving the quality of life of Russians. This was stated on Thursday, speaking at a meeting with Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives of the Russian Federation, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Our citizens want to see Russia strong, independent, peace-loving state. We are open to partnerships, mutually beneficial, constructive relations with all countries and regional organizations”, – he stressed.

Putin also noted that “following international law, working collectively, we can solve the most complex problems of the world”.

The Russian leader, in his speech raised a number of issues that concern the entire international community, including the issue of settlement in Syria, the question of preservation of the agreements on the Iranian nuclear program, relations between Russia and the United States.

To solve the humanitarian problems

“In Syria, with the decisive role of Russia dealt a devastating blow to international terrorism, ISIL (formerly ISIS banned in Russia as a terrorist organization – approx. TASS) and other extremist groups.

It is suggested not to make hasty conclusions about how further events will develop, “the more that certain forces in America trying to belittle, to disavow the results of the meeting in Helsinki.” As Putin said, in the US there are forces that are easily willing to bring Russian-American relations to sacrifice “their ambitions in the course of political struggle” and to sacrifice the interests of American business and the interests of its allies in Europe and the middle East, including in Israel.

The Russian President urged Russian diplomats to consider the work on the American direction the fact that the mighty opponents of the restoration of relations Russia – the USA “provisional government” to the citizens of his anti-Russian position and easily sacrifice the relations of the two countries for their own domestic political interests. About people we did well when some of our famous writers-satirists (Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov – approx.TASS): “miserable, miserable people”, said Putin. “In this case it is not, these people are not miserable and not miserable,” he says.

The President said that Russia is ready to dialogue with the United States. “Russia is ready to develop contacts with the United States on an equal, mutually beneficial basis. This is necessary not only to our peoples but to the whole world,” he said. “As the largest nuclear powers, we bear a special responsibility for ensuring strategic stability and security,” – said the head of state.

Extend start-III

According to Putin, the opponents of the restoration of Russian-American relations in the United States are ready to sacrifice, including the issues of security of their country. “In 2021 and ending the start-3 Treaty. So, by and large, we could live without it even a few years ago, but still made the right move, went to the conclusion of this agreement and if today, right now, will not start working on its renewal, prolongation, after a year and a half he just runs out, it will not” – said the President of the Russian Federation.

Start-3 was signed on 8 April 2010. It stipulates that by February 2018, the Arsenal of each of the parties should be limited to 1550 nuclear warheads and 700 ICBMs, SLBMs and TB. The Treaty requires exchange of information on the number of warheads and carriers twice a year.

The agreement remains in force until 5 February 2021, unless replaced before that date by a subsequent agreement on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms. It may be extended for not more than five years (i.e. until 2026) by mutual consent of the parties.

Not for speculative greatness

Russia’s foreign policy should become more cost-oriented on the background of the increasing manifestation of protectionism on the world stage, Putin said. According to him, “today, the principle of competition and openness in world trade are increasingly replaced by protectionism,” economic benefit and expediency and ideological situation and political pressure, and economic ties and entrepreneurial freedom are subject to politicization.

Of particular importance, he said, is “the formation of the space of neighborliness, prosperity, security and stability on all sides of our state borders.” He recalled that a key integration project for Russia is the Eurasian economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia), participating countries which together “operate effectively”. Priority in the work of the Eurasian economic Union, he called the use of integration “to promote growth of the economies of all participating countries to impact, the practical benefit of cooperation felt by the citizens and business”.

Putin said it was important to increase the external contacts of the EEU, Recalling that now operates the free trade zone Alliance with Vietnam, “negotiations were under way with Israel, Serbia, Singapore, will soon begin consultations with Egypt and India”, signed an interim agreement leading to the formation of the FTA with Iran. “There are about 50 proposals to establish partnerships with the Eurasian economic Union,” he said.

In this logic, according to the head of the Russian state, we must strive to develop relations with the European Union, which, despite the current difficulties, remains one of the main trading partners of the Russian Federation. “We have with the EU many intersecting economic interests. Decades evolved and our General transport and energy infrastructure”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

He also stressed that “all business projects that we implement with Europe, including, for example, “Nord stream – 2″, are purely commercial, economically justified” and not have a political background or a “double bottom”.