Four candidates for Governor of Moscow region will take part in election debates

MOSCOW, July 30. /TASS/. Four of the six candidates for the post of Governor of the Moscow region decided to participate in election debates.

In total, the Governor of the Moscow region there are six candidates: acting head of the region Andrei Vorobyov from the party “United Russia”, Lily Belova from the “green Alliance”, Konstantin Cheremisov of the Communist party, Boris Nadezhdin from the “Party of growth” Kirill Zhigarev from LDPR Igor Chistyukhin from “Fair Russia”. The press service of the Moscow regional branch of “United Russia” was unable to clarify whether the sparrows to take part in the debate. In a press – service of the Moscow branch of the Communist party announced that the program of the candidate Cheremisova not ready yet.

“Lily Belova will participate in election debates. She goes to the polls to voice the ecological problems of the Moscow region to a wider audience, to raise the topics being talked about in passing or completely ignored. She uses every opportunity to inform citizens and to the leadership of the Moscow region its position,” – said in the campaign headquarters stationery.

Nadezhdin and Zhigarev TASS also confirmed its intention to participate in the debate. “I will meet with residents and community organizations is necessary”, – said the candidate of the liberal democratic party.

According to the chief of staff of the Moscow regional branch of “Fair Russia” Stanislav Vodonaeva, Chistyukhin also take part in the debate.

The campaign period is the media in Moscow will begin on 11 August and will end at 00:00 GMT on 8 September. Elections of the Governor will pass in the uniform voting day on 9 September. Also this day will be 43 votes for the election of heads of districts, urban and rural settlements and municipal elections in 18 municipalities of the region.

Only for January 2018 in Moscow region was about 5.6 million voters. This year for the first time will be able to vote and about 40 thousand people who reach adulthood in September.