Foreign Ministry: Moscow will continue its active work for the prevention of an arms race in space

MOSCOW, July 27. /TASS/. Russia will continue active work for the prevention of an arms race in space. This is stated in a statement Friday the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

As reminded in the Ministry, in recent years, Moscow has launched several initiatives aimed at the prevention of an arms race in outer space. “We intend to continue actively oriented towards achieving concrete results of our work in this direction, – stressed in dipvedomstva. – I would hope that common sense will prevail and the United States.”

“We hope that Washington still refuses to steps, having the most negative impact on the state of international security, and support, not only in words but also in practice, the efforts of responsible States in order to effectively strengthen international security and strategic stability,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

In the meantime, stated the foreign Ministry, the US plans for the formation of ballistic missile defence (BMD) in space is confirmed by Washington’s unwillingness to abandon the installations on the use of force.

“This document, in particular, provides for the allocation of funding for the echelon formation of spacecraft to intercept ballistic missiles, including development and deployment until the end of 2022 a new satellite constellation for early warning of missile attack”, – noted in the Ministry.

“It seems, against the orders of the President of the United States Donald trump on the withdrawal of military space forces from the air force as a separate species of the armed forces of the United States preparations for the establishment of a space group is another step towards realizing the task of providing “American dominance in space,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry. – This effort is a direct proof that Washington does not intend to abandon attitudes on the use of force in space, which were expressed by the previous administration”.

Russian diplomats warn that an armed confrontation in outer space can not have less adverse impacts than the nuclear arms race. “An armed confrontation in outer space can not have less adverse impacts than unleashed by Washington in the middle of the last century, nuclear arms race, the consequences of which the whole world still can’t handle”, they said.

“Carefully analyze the possible consequences. We urge the us side to exercise prudence and not repeat mistakes of the past”, – said the Russian foreign Ministry