Putin expressed readiness to meet with trump in Washington and in Moscow

JOHANNESBURG, July 27. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ready to meet with the American leader Donald trump in Washington and in Moscow, where he has already invited his counterpart. The head of state said at a press conference on the results of the BRICS summit.

“We are ready to invite the President of the trump in Moscow, he has, by the way, the invitation, I told him about it, – said Putin. I’m ready and Washington to come if there will be created appropriate conditions for work.” He noted that he and trump have a desire to meet again. “It is important that the conditions are appropriate, that they created these terms, including in our countries”, – the President added.

Putin said that he would have contacts with the American leader at the venues of international events, in particular, at the G20 summit. “There are still plans for possible contacts in other international forums, he said. – So, despite all the difficulties, in this case, the complexity in the political life of the United States, life goes on and contact our continue.”

The head of state noted that the meeting with trump useful not only for Russia and the United States, but for the entire world. “As for our meetings [with trump], they are useful, I think,” – he stressed. Talking about the topics of such meetings, Putin noted that a number of them “applies to so many countries in the world and Europe in particular”. As an example, he cited the issues that were discussed at his meeting with trump in Helsinki, including the prospects for extending the Treaty on the limitation of strategic offensive arms.

“The whole world is interested: if we do not start negotiations, then in 2021 the start-3 Treaty will cease to exist”, – said Putin. With regard to settlement in Syria, he stressed that some operational contacts on this problem not enough, you need contacts at the highest level. “We need to satisfy the interests of all States in the region: Syria, Iran, and Israel, and Turkey, and other countries in the region – Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and so on, – said the Russian leader. We will discuss this at a high political level, or we believe that it is in secondary matters? I think that it is not, is not a side issue”.

Similar views the Russian leader follows in respect of the Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran, which Putin called an “effective instrument of deterrence, the arms race and the spread of weapons of mass destruction”.

According to the President, is the subject of negotiations and even disputes, but they have to be led, moreover, that “on the phone about all will tell”.

Putin also called big plus trump his desire to fulfill the promises that were given to voters. “A big plus of the President of trump is that he is committed to fulfill its promises, first of all data constituents, the American people,” – said Putin. According to him, this is a specific feature of the current U.S. President, “because, as a rule, after the election, certain leaders quickly forget what they promised the people when it came to elections.” “A tramp – no, – said the head of state. – You can criticize him for what he is doing, and many are engaged in this criticism, but one thing is clear – he seeks to fulfill his campaign promises”.