Putin summed up the results of the BRICS summit and spoke about the relations with the United States

JOHANNESBURG, July 27. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who took part in the BRICS summit (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), said the rejection of economic sanctions one of the main points of the Declaration of the BRICS. On taken place on Friday a press conference following the summit, Putin also spoke about what the initiative was enshrined in the final Declaration.

Answering questions of journalists, the Russian President spoke about relations between Russia and the United States, expressed his opinion about the dollar as reserve currency and recalled that the head of the White house Donald trump an invitation to visit Moscow. The Russian leader also answered questions about Ukraine and Syria.

The results of the summit

One of the main points of the Johannesburg Declaration of the BRICS summit, Putin called the rejection of economic sanctions. “Approved the Declaration of Johannesburg, the main point of this paper lies in the rejection of the economic sanctions and use of force in violation of the UN Charter, the prevention of an arms race in space, the support of the Astana process of resolving the situation in Syria,” the President said.

In addition, in the Declaration, he said, secured Russian initiative on the elaboration of an agreement on information and communication technologies, creating a platform for energy studies and Women’s business of the Agency, the decision on the establishment of a new office development Bank of the BRICS in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Another Russian initiative in the framework of BRICS, which, according to Putin, was actively supported by the members of the Association, the interaction of BRICS in the sphere of culture, sports and cinematography, in particular, the organization of the festival of the BRICS countries.

The summit also “sent a strong signal regarding the preservation of the WTO against protectionism and changes to the rules of trade,” said the Russian leader.

The Johannesburg Declaration summarizes the results of the joint activities not only for the year of the presidency of South Africa, but over the past decade. It reflects agreed approaches to the further development of enterprises, but also the intention to jointly withstand traditional and non-traditional security threats, confirmed the commitment to principles of mutual respect, sovereign equality, democracy, inclusiveness and cooperation.

“With kondachka not solved”

Speaking about BRICS expansion, Putin said that the Union has no plans to include new countries. “Now to increase the formal membership of BRICS while we do not plan, because those formats that have been established, they show their efficiency,” he said, noting that while leaders agreed to use the format of the “BRICS plus “outreach” for the extension of the zone of influence of the enterprises and the involvement of new States.

Responding to a media question about whether or not refused to do the candidate countries the idea of joining BRICS, the Russian leader assured that “the candidates do not back handed, on the contrary showed a willingness and desire to work within the framework of the BRICS in full format”.

He stressed that such decisions need careful study. “The question of how we the people say, “with kondachka not solved”. You need this to work, and the organization is open,” – said Putin.

American error

At the press conference, journalists asked, would you like Russia from the American dollar as a universal reserve currency. “We are not going to make any sudden movements, do not in any way going to abandon the dollar, we use it, and will apply to the extent that the financial authorities of the United States will not interfere with the use of the dollar in settlements”, – said Putin.

Referring to the US imposed restrictions, including in the calculations in dollars, he called it a “big strategic mistake”, explaining that “they [the US] thereby undermine the credibility of the dollar as a reserve currency.”

“But recently, a few years ago, nobody thought that these tools can be used in the political struggle, in the sphere of political competition,” he said. “All proceeded from the assumption that policies or as we joke, war is war, and lunch schedule. And here. Contradictions contradictions, and in the economy there are some things completely stable and untouchable. It turned out that it is not so”, – stated the President of the Russian Federation, adding that “payment systems are used as a political argument in political disputes, resolving contradictions, and the currency in use”.

In his opinion, “this is detrimental to the dollar as the world reserve currency, undermining confidence” and makes dozens of countries “to think about other options [reserve currency]”. Putin found it difficult to name other possible reserve currency than the us dollar, but noted that “the Renminbi is becoming such a quality.” Speaking about reserve currencies, he noted that “the emergence of regional reserve currencies, in a sense, this is the role of the Russian ruble in relation to the CIS or EurAsEC [Eurasian economic Union]”. “But, in General, any national currency so strong and good, how strong and good economy, which it is,” he said.

A big plus of the trump

The Russian President was also asked about his possible meeting with trump. Putin said he was ready to meet with the American leader in Washington and in Moscow. “We are ready to invite the President of the trump in Moscow, he has, by the way, the invitation, I told him about it. I am ready and in Washington to come if there will be created appropriate conditions for work”, – said Putin, noting that he himself, and trump has a desire to meet again.

The Russian President noted that he will have contacts with the American leader at the venues of international events, in particular, at the G20 summit. “There are still plans for possible contacts in other international forums. So, despite all the difficulties, in this case, the complexity in the political life of the United States, life goes on and contact our continue,” he said.

Putin also expressed the opinion that his meeting with trump useful not only for Russia and the United States, but for the whole world, as they affected the theme of “concern of many countries and Europe in particular”. As an example, he cited the prospects of extending the Treaty on the limitation of strategic offensive arms and the issue of settlement in Syria and to discuss the situation concerning the Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran, which Putin called an “effective instrument of deterrence, the arms race and the spread of weapons of mass destruction”. According to the head of state, is the subject of negotiations and even disputes, but they have to be led, moreover, that “on the phone about all will tell”.

Meanwhile, Putin praised the effort by trump to fulfill the promises that were given to them voters. “A big plus of the President of trump is that he is committed to fulfill its promises, first of all data constituents, the American people,” – said the President of the Russian Federation. According to him, this is a specific feature of the current U.S. President, “because, as a rule, after the election, certain leaders quickly forget what they promised the people when it came to elections.” “A tramp – no, – said the head of state. – You can criticize him for what he is doing, and many are engaged in this criticism, but one thing is clear – he seeks to fulfill his campaign promises”.

Sensitive area

Members of the media asked the Russian President to tell whether the meeting of leaders of Russia and USA in Helsinki discussed the possibility of holding a referendum on Ukraine on the issue of Donbass. “I’ll refrain from commenting, this is a very delicate, sensitive area that requires further study and consideration”, – said Putin.

Help Syria

Journalists were also interested in how partners in the BRICS react to Russia’s proposal to actively provide humanitarian aid to Syria. “My colleagues responded positively to our offer to participate more actively in humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people,” – said the Russian leader.

Earlier, the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said that in his speeches at the sessions of the summit the Russian President planned to stay the steps of establishing an inter-Syrian political dialogue and to offer the BRICS countries to be more active in providing humanitarian assistance.

The topics include regional conflicts, including the situation in Syria, the BRICS leaders discussed, in particular, on Friday in the morning session, which was held without the press.