The CEC believes does not comply with the law proposed question for the pension referendum

MOSCOW, July 27. /TASS/. The CEC intends to admit not complying with the requirements of the law the wording of the question, which the Communist party proposes to put to a nationwide referendum against raising the retirement age. This was reported on Friday to journalists the member of the Commission representing the Communist party Eugene Kolyushin.

According to him, one of the grounds for refusal is “uncertainty issue”.

The Communists propose to put to a referendum the question “do you Agree that in Russia the age of eligibility for appointment of insurance old-age pension must not be increased?”. Moscow became the first region where there was a meeting of the regional initiative of the subgroup, then the application was filed in the Moscow city election Commission. According to the law the electoral Commission after receiving the application for registration of the sub-group shall send to the CEC the wording of the referendum question, and the office within 10 days to decide whether it meets the requirements of the Federal constitutional law “On referendum of the Russian Federation”.

For the organization of a nationwide referendum is required to hold a meeting of the initial subgroups of no less than 100 people, more than half of subjects of the Russian Federation (i.e. at least 43). After successful registration of the subgroups in 43 regions held a meeting of their commissioners, subsequently, the Commission served a petition for registration of initiative group on referendum. In the case of a positive decision within 45 days of the initiative group must collect at least 2 million signatures, one region may have no more than 50 thousand signatures.

Pension bill

The proposed government bill on changes in the pension system, involving, in particular, increasing the age of retirement for a long transition period to 65 years for men and 63 years for women, passed the first reading in the state Duma on July 19. After approval of a large-scale discussion of the initiative will continue, proposals for revision of the draft law will be collected and recorded in the form of amendments to the second reading, which will take place in the fall. The deadline for submitting amendments is extended from August 18 to September 24.

Tools that will increase the retirement age, will be directed on increase of incomes of pensioners, assure of the government. The adoption of the document will allow in 2019 to ensure the growth of pensions to pensioners by an average of 1 thousand rubles.