Source: Moscow considers unprofessional statements of Yerevan about the change of the CSTO Secretary General

MOSCOW, July 28. /TASS/. Russia considers unprofessional statements by the Armenian foreign Ministry about the need to change the Secretary-General of the organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) Yuri Khachaturov. This was stated on Saturday by TASS senior diplomatic source in Moscow.

“Today, the Armenian foreign Ministry voiced surprise his unprofessional offer to the member countries of the CSTO “to begin the process of replacing the Secretary General of the organization,” – said the Agency interlocutor. To hear such statements all the more strange that what happened in Armenia, changes are not reflected in the staff of the foreign Ministry, which recently presented the CSTO candidacy Khachaturov and, most importantly, knows the procedure, according to which Armenia must start the process of review by the Secretary-General is a representative of this state.”

The source stressed that Yerevan should send a written notification to the Organization of collective security Treaty, only then will start the procedure for termination of powers of General Secretary. “If the Yerevan decided that Mr. Khachaturov now they are not satisfied on this post, from Armenia in the CSTO must be received by written notice and only after that will launch the official procedure, and not “replacement of the Secretary General”, and the termination of its powers”, – noted the source.

The special investigation service of Armenia on Thursday has charged the Secretary General of the CSTO, General-Colonel Yuri Khachaturov in the overthrow of the constitutional order in 2008 and asked the court to select arrest as a preventive measure. Khachaturov said that he does not plead guilty to the charges. The court of General jurisdiction of Yerevan on Saturday morning Khachaturov was released under recognizance not to leave after paying bail in the amount of 5 million AMD (about $10K). Yerevan on Saturday suggested the CSTO member States to start the process of replacing the Secretary General after charges against him.