In St. Petersburg took the flag in the territory of the Consulate General of UK

SAINT PETERSBURG, July 30. /TASS/. The national flag of the UK on the grounds of the Consulate General on Lafonskaya square in Saint Petersburg removed from the flagpole, the correspondent of TASS.

At the British Embassy in Russia, TASS said that, as expected, genkosuljstvo should complete the work on 30 July, but officially it is not reported.

According to British side, in early March, convicted in Russia for espionage in favor of the London ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were in Salisbury, exposure to nerve agents. Later, the British side made a statement that this substance was supposedly developed in Russia, and on this basis accused Moscow of involvement in the incident. The Russian side has categorically denied all the speculation, arguing that programmes such substances neither in the USSR nor in Russia did not exist.

Without presenting evidence, the British expelled the 23 Russian diplomat and expressed other anti-Russian measures, after which Moscow retaliated by sending out RF the same number of employees of the British Embassy, instructing to close the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Saint-Petersburg and to stop the activities of the British Council in Russia.

Consulate General of United Kingdom in St. Petersburg began the work in 1992, near the St. Petersburg administration. As previously explained TASS in the city Committee of property relations, “the building was there in the economic management of GUP “Inpredservice” under the jurisdiction of the Committee on foreign relations”. The company has entered into a lease of the building with the Consulate.