Lavrov: repayment of debt issued by USSR to other countries, would not solve the existing problems

VILLAGE COURTS /Vladimir oblast/, July 30. / TASS/. The amount of loans the Soviet Union, debts which Russia has written off, it is unlikely you would use to solve the existing difficulties. On Monday said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking before the participants of the all-Russian youth educational forum “Territory meanings.”

“I don’t think the amounts you mentioned, which inherited from the Soviet Union, would solve some internal problems and would have helped significantly, because these debts more than 90 percent were unrecoverable,” said he, answering the question of why Moscow forgave, according to some estimates, the debt of $140 billion instead of using them for internal purposes.

Lavrov explained that there are a number of factors that would impede the recovery of debts on the loans granted to the Soviet Union. “First, it is necessary to take into account that these debts were calculatevalue in a situation when the Soviet Union was not an integral part of the international monetary and financial system, when the ruble was not integrated into this monetary system and when the course was set just by the state Bank of the Soviet Union – said the Minister. Some can remember when the dollar was worth 63 kopecks, and, of course, if you count the debts at this rate, and debts of the Soviet Union handed out a lot, especially to countries that fought against colonialism, for independence and were mostly military aid, it would be far from reality”.

“Still some debts which it inherited from the Soviet era. A few years ago we wrote off several billion dollars of debt to African countries, the remaining from Soviet times, which we never received, because legally it is very difficult to prove at what rate these debts was provided”, – said the head of depodesta.

In addition, according to him, many loans were given to organizations that fought for independence and which rules of international law were not state actors. In these cases, it is impossible to demand the return of debts, as they are not based on international legal agreement, Lavrov stressed.

He also noted that in the above the issue amount may enter the debts of the former Soviet republics, which paid for Russia. “They were really suppressed by Russia of the agreement, which is called “zero option” and which assumed that Russia will pay all debts of the Soviet Republic, became independent, had at that time, and in exchange, Russia will receive all overseas property of the Soviet Union abroad”, – said the head of the foreign Ministry.