Lavrov: the return of the Crimea in line with the aspirations of all citizens of Russia, including the Crimean

VILLAGE COURTS /Vladimir oblast/, July 30. / TASS/. The return of the Crimea to Russia meet the aspirations of the Crimean people themselves, and all citizens of Russia. This was stated on Monday the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, addressing the participants of national youth educational forum “Territory meanings.”

“Crimea has returned. That April 19 will now be the day of the adoption in Russia of the Crimea, Taman and Kuban, as happened in 1773, and reflects the aspirations of the Crimean people, and all of our citizens,” he said.

Lavrov recalled that during the world Cup, held from June 14 to July 15 in 11 cities of the Russian Federation, who visited the country many foreigners are personally convinced of the artificiality of a number of clich├ęs about life in Russia and urged Western politicians to visit the Crimea and to form an opinion about how today there live people. “A lot of talk about the Crimea. The answer is the same – come and see with your own eyes, – he said. – More and more members of the public, journalists, businessmen go to the Crimea and make sure that in the Crimea people live as they chose, and not, as it happens, when someone is occupying or annexing a particular area”.

Relations between Russia and Ukraine

The majority of Ukrainians understand the absurdity and ahistorical attempts to drive a wedge between Ukraine and Russia, despite years of anti-Russian propaganda, said Lavrov.

“The fact that despite all the propaganda machine, which operates in Kiev and Western capitals that hammered the man in the street through the screens, through the pages of Newspapers, over the Internet, through social networks, that Russia – the aggressor, that Russia is an occupier, that Russia is under sanctions until the Crimea, and more, despite the years of brainwashing public opinion in the West, I believe that the majority of normal Ukrainian citizens understand, perhaps, the absurdity of what is happening, ahistorical situation”, – said the Minister.

“And the fact that more than one million Ukrainian citizens annually in the Crimea, in my opinion, one of the best evidence that it is not possible to drive a wedge between our peoples, – said Lavrov. I am sure we [Russia and Ukraine] the fraternal peoples, we have thousands of years of common history. Of course, what is happening now is an anomaly”.

The Minister recalled that during the first “Maidan” in 2004, the West openly stated that the Ukrainian people have to make a choice – Russia or Europe. “Unfortunately, this logic has not disappeared and continues to be still in the minds of our Western colleagues,” – said Lavrov. “Although they [the West] began to wonder why their children refuse to fulfill the Minsk agreements and demands of Western countries to restore order to its economy and to begin seriously to fight corruption,” added the Minister.