Zakharova: the information about Russia’s military presence in the Central African Republic grossly distorted

MOSCOW, August 3. /TASS/. Russian instructors are in the territory of the Central African Republic (CAR) on legitimate grounds, Moscow regrets that this information is grossly distorted.

This zasilanie did the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Now in the Central African Republic employs 175 instructors from Russia, five of them 170 military and civilian. Experts were sent to this country lawfully at the request of the President of the state”, – said Zakharov, noting that they are there to assist in training local military personnel.

“The main objective is the training of military CAR handling skills with weapons and tehsredstvami”, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry. According to her, the defense Ministry has delivered arms free of charge in January – February this year. “We don’t understand why so rude perverted this information”, – said Zakharov.

She noted that the supply of weapons carried out in accordance with international law. “Received permission of the Committee of the UN security Council No. 2127. Acceptance, transportation, security, accommodation of Russian weapons in the warehouses was carried out in collaboration with the UN Mission,” said Zakharov. The process was monitored by observers from the European military training mission and service of the United Nations on mine action. According to the diplomat, with the assistance of experts from trained 600 CARS.

Zakharov stressed that weapons and instructors sent to the Republic “in the acute phase of the military-political crisis to assist local authorities in addressing the challenges of security sector reform and enhance the combat capability of the military.” Zakharov stressed that the specialists from Russia do not participate in the fighting in the Central African Republic.

Murder of Russians

Zakharova also said that all information regarding the transportation to Russia of the bodies of those killed in the CAR of Russian journalists communicated to their relatives.

According to her, “the Embassy is taking measures to send the bodies home was done today”. For ethical reasons it did not announce the date of arrival of the flight.

Local authorities promised to do everything possible to catch the killers, podcherknula Zakharova. Acting Minister of foreign Affairs sent a letter to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, which expressed condolences in connection with death of the journalists, the diplomat noted.

According to Zakharova, the foreign Ministry has no information about who sent journalists to the Central African Republic. “I don’t even know who they were sent to. I don’t know was whether they’re media or a public organization. I have no such information”, – she said.

On Tuesday, the Russian Embassy in the Central African Republic reported the deaths of three people in near the town of sibut. Later the foreign Ministry later said that when the dead were found journalistic documents in the names of Alexander Rastorguev, Kirill Radchenko and Orhan Cemal. They formalized the entry into the country as tourists and went to work on a documentary. The investigative Committee on the fact of incident criminal case under article “Murder”.