The Moscow city election Commission received the documents on the referendum on raising the retirement age

MOSCOW, August 4. /TASS/. The head of the municipal district Tagansky, the candidate in mayors of Moscow from “just Russia” Ilya Sviridov filed on Saturday in Moscow election Committee the petition for registration of initiative group nationwide referendum on raising the retirement age. This was reported by TASS, a member of Mothersurname Dmitry Reut.

On Friday, August 3, the regional initiative group, organized by Sviridov, approved at the meeting the issue to be put to a nationwide referendum on raising the retirement age. The question is formulated in the following way: “for You to the age established by the legislation of the Russian Federation on pension provision as at 1 July 2018, at which there is a right to pension for old age, not changed?”.

“The documents for the referendum arrived in Moscow election Committee. In the subgroup of 131 people,” said Reut.

The proposal of the Communist party

Earlier, the Communist party held in Moscow the meeting of the initiative group to hold nationwide referendum against raising the retirement age. The Communists have proposed to submit to referendum the question “do you Agree that in Russia the age of eligibility for appointment of insurance old-age pension must not be increased?”. The CEC considered that the wording of the question allows for multiple interpretations and may lead people astray, and the Moscow city election Commission denied registration to subgroups on the basis of this conclusion.

However, as said the Chairman of Mothersurname Valentin Gorbunov, July 27, the Commission received the notice of the August 3 meeting a new initiative of the subgroup.

The Communist party, after consultation with the CEC Chairperson Ella Pamfilova reformulated referendum question and have filed a mothersurname notification of a new meeting of the initiative sub-group on 7 August.

Thus two parallel initiatives of the referendum on the same question cannot be resolved by the electoral Commission in the same region. According to the Federal constitutional law “On referendum of the Russian Federation”, after the registration of regional sub-group “other regional sub-group approved at its meeting the same meaning or content of the wording of the question (questions) of a referendum may not be registered in the same Commission before the end of the procedures for the implementation of the initiative of holding a referendum on this issue”.

The proposal of the government

The state Duma on July 19 adopted in first reading the government draft law on changes in the pension system, involving, in particular, increasing the age of retirement for a long transition period to 65 years for men and 63 years for women. The large-scale discussion of the initiative continues, the proposals for revision of the draft law will be collected and recorded in the form of amendments to the second reading, which will take place in the fall. The deadline for submitting amendments is extended from August 18 to September 24.