Zakharov joked in response to a question about the Russian spy in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow

MOSCOW, August 3. /TASS/. The Russian foreign Ministry, nothing is known about a Russian employee of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow who allegedly worked for Russian intelligence. On Friday said the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“I don’t know about whom we are talking, what was going on,” said the diplomat. “If there’s any specific data, let him provide, let do, – she added. But it is impossible to comment on what no texture”.

This statement was preceded by another journalist’s question about the spy at the U.S. Embassy in the Russian Federation in the context of article The Guardian. “Did [former US Ambassador to Moscow Michael] McFaul?” – said Zakharov.

On Thursday the British newspaper the Guardian, citing a source in the intelligence service of the United States , that an alleged agent of the Russian intelligence services for more than ten years worked in the American Embassy in Moscow. The publication claims that the woman in question, within a few years was also an employee of the U.S. Secret service, had access to her official e-mail system and the schedule of the presidents (past and current), Vice-presidents, their wives and former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The newspaper writes that in 2016, the security service of the Embassy of the woman suspected of having links with the FSB, however, reported to Washington in January 2017. While the Secret service decided not to launch a full-scale investigation.

According to the source The Guardian, the employee was fired for just last summer after the Russian foreign Ministry after the adoption by Congress of anti-Russian sanctions has committed the United States to September 1, 2017 to reduce the number of employees of American diplomatic missions in Russia.