Sobyanin will not participate in election debates

MOSCOW, August 9. /TASS/. The independent candidate for mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin decided not to participate in election debates. The time the candidate is ready to donate to his opponents, said on Thursday reporters the head of his campaign headquarters Konstantin Remchukov.

“My analysis of the members of staff showed that the current practices and the nature of employment Sobyanin – daily for 5-6 meetings with labor groups and his very active presence in the information field, we decided not to take part in the debate, because there stands on four channels of 37.5 minutes, at all, that is every 7.5 minutes, then Sobyanin, it would be 30 minutes on these channels. We have these 30 minutes decided to give candidates for mayor because they are less known to the Muscovites, and quite possibly, getting those 30 minutes, they will be able to better tell you about myself, about my alternative views on how to develop the city,” he said.

Xxxxxxxxxxxx added that in the last presidential elections the debate was characterized by “popcorn show when meaningful questions and discussions were discussed significantly less, and the time for debate is used for other purposes.”

It was reported earlier that running for mayor of Moscow, Chairman of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev (LDPR), former Deputy of the Moscow city Duma and the state Duma Vadim Cumin (Communist party) and the head of the municipal district Taganskaya Ilya Sviridov (“Fair Russia”) has declared its intention to participate in the debate. In addition, the current Duma Deputy Mikhail Balakin also intends to participate in election debates, told TASS in the press-service of the candidate.

Pre-election debate of candidates in mayors of the capital will be held on four television and radio: “Moscow Doverie”, “Moscow 24”, “Radio Moscow” and “Moscow FM”, starting from August 14 and will end on 6 September. The duration of each of the joint campaign events will be 37.5 minutes.

Elections of the mayor of Moscow will be held September 9, in a single day of voting.