How Russia could respond to new U.S. sanctions

Sanctions Washington can be the toughest since the cold war. In the framework of the law on the counter-sanctions Russia has reason to not give a less sensitive response. And while the Kremlin called the talk about the premature response, the Russian foreign Ministry promises to act in a mirror.

MFA: what sanctions, this is the answer

The Russian side will be engaged in developing responses to yet another unfriendly step of Washington, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

Russia will be based on the nature and volume of new US sanctions and on this basis prepare an appropriate response. “We are talking about response, not about the fantasies of the Russian side, because I really want to ponnette, further complicate the situation in Russian-American relations. Nothing of the sort, she said. — What will be the sanctions measures against Russia, and this will be the response. Measures will be developed based on the actions that will take us”.

According to Zakharov, it all depends on “what this time come up with us lawmakers and political lobbyists.” “It’s very simple. Do nothing — nothing is going to do something, we answer, you come up with something extra — we will respond in the same spirit. The rules of the game has not been canceled”, — she explained.

Rocket engines

Bloomberg, citing Russian sources says that Russia may respond to U.S. trade restrictions within the framework of the law on counter-sanctions — in particular, to stop the supply of RD-180 engines used in launch vehicles Atlas V On possible restrictions on the export of engines, said Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on budget Sergei Ryabukhin. Despite the sanctions, Russia continues to supply them to the United States in 2018 NPO “Energomash” planned to send two parties.


Reuters as a possible countermeasure refers to the suspension of exports of titanium in the United States. The Russian company “VSMPO-AVISMA” — the manufacturer of titanium, ingots and all kinds of semifinished items of titanium alloys, as well as large extruded aluminum products, semi-finished products from alloyed steel and heat resisting alloys on a Nickel basis — close to 40% of the titanium to the American company Boeing. However, as pointed out by the head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov, such restrictions “have a negative effect on our producers”.

The abandonment of the dollar

A member of the Federation Council, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on science Igor Morozov said that in response to US sanctions Russia should abandon the use of the dollar.

“Of course, we must answer first and foremost to give up together with our partners on a number of economic and integration groupings from the dollar and go to a national currency, — said the Senator. Is what was discussed at the last BRICS summit. This is not only our response but also the entire international community, against which it waged war.”

Morozov reminded that Russia already starts to trade with China and Iran, using national currency, and at the level of the BRICS formed a pool of reserve currencies.

The Kremlin: to talk about the response prematurely

However, according to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin believes it premature to talk about what steps Moscow would take in response to new US sanctions. “We heard the official statement of the [US] about the new so-called sanctions, and we heard some high-ranking source, who spoke on the possibility of certain restrictions against Russia, — he stressed. — So until we officially realized exactly what was going on, to talk about some countermeasures, of course, would be wrong.”