Russia has threatened to ban exports from the U.S. cryptographic modules payment systems

Moscow. August 31. INTERFAX.RU – US Sanctions in respect of the supply to Russia of dual-purpose products may affect the cryptographic modules of Russian payment systems, said the first Deputy Director of the information security Department, Bank of Russia Artem Sychev on the sidelines of the conference “Kommersant” on information security.

“The risk we have been and so clear, is with equipment that includes encryption, in particular, HSM for payment systems. The risk we saw in advance, we have provided,” said Sychev, Recalling that the payment system in Russia to 2024, and must use cryptographic modules domestic production. Earlier it was reported that the means of cryptographic protection shall certify in centers abroad.

“If the results of the analysis we will understand that this is a critical task, then, accordingly, will be together with other government organizations to solve the issue to expedite this task”, – said Sychev. According to him, there are several options of implementation, the risks of sanctions, in particular, manufacturers may stop supplying HSM (Host security module) or their support.

However, the impact of new sanctions may not be limited to, the Central Bank is analyzing the possible consequences.

“We very clearly see that the list that has shaped American colleagues, a very large and vague. How much it can affect the financial sector? This work we are now conducting, will conduct jointly with the banks,” said Sychev.

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