Trump did not see the political need for the participation of Canada in the new deal under NAFTA

Moscow. September 1. INTERFAX.RU – U.S. President Donald trump does not believe that there is a political necessity that Canada remain in the new deal of the North American free trade area (NAFTA).

“There is no political need to leave Canada in new deal under NAFTA. If we are not able to reach a fair for the United States deals…Canada will be eliminated,” he wrote Saturday on Twitter.

There is no political necessity to keep Canada in the new NAFTA deal. If we don”t make a fair deal for the U. S. after decades of abuse, Canada will be out. Congress should not interfere w/ these negotiations or I will simply terminate NAFTA entirely & we will be far better off…

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 1, 2018.

“Congress should not intervene in these negotiations or I’ll just put an end to NAFTA, and we all will be much better,” trump added.

Trump also called NAFTA “one of the worst trade deals” and said that the agreement “should never have signed”. “We will reach a new deal or back to what it was before NAFTA,” the President added.

….Remember, NAFTA was one of the WORST Trade Deals ever made. The U.S. lost thousands of businesses and millions of jobs. We were far better off before NAFTA should never have been signed. Even the Vat Tax was not accounted for. We make new deal or go back to pre-NAFTA!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 1, 2018.

Last week the White house announced that the United States and Mexico reached agreement on the future of North American free trade agreement (NAFTA). Agreement with Canada at that time was not achieved.

August 28, in Washington for talks went to the foreign Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland, to the weekend parties were unable to reach agreement on NAFTA. As a result, the negotiations it was decided to extend.

Negotiations on the renegotiation of NAFTA was initiated by Washington more than a year ago. In recent weeks they took part in only the United States and Mexico.

At the moment NAFTA (NAFTA, the free trade agreement between Canada, USA and Mexico – if) represents the world’s largest regional free trade area. It was established in 1994 to reduce trade barriers in various sectors of the U.S. economy.

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