International airlines “Transaero” and part of his fleet can jump the daughter of “Aeroflot”

MOSCOW, October 7. International destinations “Transaero” and part of his fleet, probably get another “daughter” of “Aeroflot” airline “Russia”.

About it on air “Russia 24” said the owner of 4,5% of actions “Transaero”, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vnukovo airport Vitaly Vantsev.

“Everything goes to the fact that part of the fleet and international, most likely, go to the company “Russia”, it is a subsidiary of “Aeroflot”. It will be logical. Because “Aeroflot” carries the brunt of the situation,” he said.

According to Vantsev, internal reorganization of the “Aeroflot” is on the classical scheme, which can be seen all over the world. Aeroflot – premium-airline; airline “Russia” to which is added “Donavia” and “Orenburg airlines” will operate in the middle segment; the company “Victory” – discounter; the far East “a daughter” “Aeroflot” – “Aurora” – regional airline. “According to this scheme there are many large companies”, – he said.

To create a new carrier on the basis of “Transaero”, according to Vantsev, pointless. “This is again a huge investment of money. I don’t really understand who is going to invest in the promotion of the new brand. Under the brand of “Transaero”, it just so happened, unfortunately, the situation in the next few years it is not recommended to work,” he said.

According to Vantsev, it is unlikely that other Russian airlines besides Aeroflot will be able to take aircrafts “Transaero”. “But there are other global markets outside Europe, we are not closed. Africa, the middle East, opened today. Iran, used to be a closed market, today it opened. It will concern leasing companies – owners of these ships,” he said.

Speaking about the losses connected with bankruptcy of “Transaero”, Vantsev said that “as a private shareholder I have nothing comforting, because I understand that the money we invested in the company, they are already irretrievably lost.”

Earlier, a source in aviation circles has informed that “Aeroflot” is going to carry all passengers of “Transaero” on their own, to then get all his rights on international routes. According to the source, airlines still don’t understand what they will receive for their help in the transportation of passengers, whether this be the rights to international routes of the carrier. This situation, according to the source, useful not only Aeroflot, but also the Ministry of transport and Rosaviation.

Aeroflot came, he transported passengers and got all rights on international routes “Transaero” automatically. This, of course, will lead to monopolization of the market. Will the Transaero routes are shared equitably, and not just given “Aeroflot” and its “daughters” is now the most important question that bothers all airlines, all of the aviation industry,” – said the source.