Putin will be asked to select perks from former governors

Putin will be asked to select perks from former governors

On Monday Russian popular front (onf) will send a letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a request to normalize the content, benefits and privileges that are granted to the governors in resignation, said the head of the onf project “For fair procurement” Anton Guetta. Now each region independently makes the law that supposed to a retired supervisor. “This leads to the fact that the appetites of local officials are absolutely not limited from the budgets allocated substantial funds for the maintenance of the former governors,” explained Guetta.

According to him, the popular front requests the government to issue regulations, which expressly agreed that the former regional officials can count on. To receive the comment of the representative of the government of the time failed.

In addition to the premiere, “veterans” are going to appeal to the President. According to Getty, they will raise the issue at the next meeting with the movement’s leader Vladimir Putin. It may take place before the end of the year — the format is now being discussed, said another source in the popular front.

Previously, the “veterans” already criticized Federal agencies for spending on cars. But in September, the Prime Minister signed a decree according to which for the Ministers and their deputies can not buy a more expensive car of 2.5 million rubles Limit for heads of divisions amounted to 1.5 million roubles and has Restricted spending on smartphones — they should not cost more than 15 thousand rubles for Ministers. The decree will come into force next year.

What is supposed Chubu

The popular front appealed to the leadership of the country after its activists carried out the monitoring of guarantees and of “Golden parachutes” for former governors and their families, as well as regional legislation (results are available).

The government of the Rostov region in the last five years has spent about 6.4 million rubles for the provision of transport services for the former Governor. Onf refers to procurement, according to which local authorities have signed a contract with the State unitary road enterprise. It has delivered on the money the car power 360 HP (brand to purchase is not specified).

Ex-Governor started 80% of his former salary, security, compensation for the cost of resorts and medical care. These guarantees are fixed in a specially adopted in 2010 a local law in that year, the long-term head of the region Vladimir Chub has resigned.

Chub is now working in the Federation Council. He said he has not received proper maintenance, because he has a salary in the upper house. The car he uses, when located in the Rostov region.

The former Governor stressed that he is against the idea of the popular front to settle the question of privileges of heads of regions at the Federal level. He suggests that the popular front, raising a “popular” topics, “wants to raise its profile in competition with United Russia.

“Let Moscow does not teach us to live,” said Chub. He remembered that the first Secretary of a city town Committee of the CPSU of Moscow Viktor Grishin died in a social security, defending the right to a pension bonus. “Let us all so will be. I understand the desire to speak about that that governors can. But you have to look at the situation in dynamics. Let the onf will understand, recognize in the clinic, as I have with health, for example,” says Chub.

To receive the comment in administration of the Rostov region failed. The head of the press service of the acting Governor Irina Chetvertakova, after hearing the question, came away with respect and did not respond to SMS.

Ten salaries

In monitoring onf provides examples of benefits that are established for former executives and other regions — Moscow, Leningrad, Penza, Chelyabinsk, Astrakhan, Tyumen region and Tatarstan.

In Tatarstan spent more than one term, the President has the right after the resignation for a lump sum payment of 10 salaries, and then receives a lifelong monthly at 80% of salary.

Similar rights and the ex-Governor of the Chelyabinsk region — annual allowance severance and 75% of salary at retirement. In front note that the privileges may be extended to former Governor Mikhail Yurevich, whom President Vladimir Putin has fired in 2014 after critics of the popular front for the big spending on personal security. To call responsible for interaction with the media Vice-Governor of the region Evgeny Redina Friday and the weekend failed.

The former mayor of Moscow has the right to use the dachas, protection, legal protection and transportation. Yuri Luzhkov (mayor of Moscow 1992-2010 years) told me that for the most part the provisions of benefits does not use. “Have the right to dachas, but never use it. I have a guard, but he’s not even a security guard, and most of my assistant”, — he noted. Luzhkov suggested that the budget expenditure for these purposes “are not impossible”, therefore, in his opinion, the former head of region has the right to benefits, if effectively worked full time.

Similar to capital’s rights and former head of the Leningrad region. Valery Serdyukov (he headed the region from 1999 to 2012) reported that only uses the machine for travel and the services of assistant. “I think it is absolutely not burdensome for the budget,” he said.

“To understand why spend money on the former governors in the regions that they themselves earn, else, says the Professor, Ranepa, expert on the civil service Vladimir Yuzhakov. But the maintenance of former heads of subsidized regions from any point of view is not justified. Maybe they need to be supported only if the dismissal is to compensate for the restrictions they imposed on the civil service”.

Who else is eligible for benefits

Among former officials of the highest law by the President. According to the law from 2001, he has immunity, gets 75% of the salary of a serving head of state, uses the state summer residence, means of government communications, has a staff of assistants who are supposed separate room, and his life and health are insured in the amount of annual cash compensation.

Former Prime Ministers and speakers of Parliament privileges modest. For them laws are not accepted, but in 2011, the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported on the existence of internal instructions that allowed then deprived of the post of Federation Council speaker Sergei Mironov in the year after retirement to enjoy the country and state security, which involves the escort cars with flashing lights. Press Secretary of ex-Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov confirmed that the former head of the government, that was initiated during the same period. Sergei Stepashin after his resignation from the post of head of government in 1999 reported that he put the protection of a few people as the bearer of state secrets.

The Prime Minister, Ministers and MPs are entitled to a pension, according to the presidential decree of 1995. The Prime Minister, Ministers, deputies and senators may, depending on the length of service to count on 55-75% of the existing remuneration of officials and parliamentarians. But the pension ordinary deputies, senators and Ministers, as reported last year , is bound to pay without bonuses, which make most of their income.