Snowden has declared his willingness to sit in a U.S. prison

Snowden has declared his willingness to sit in a U.S. prison

Former NSA employee Edward Snowden said in an interview bi-Bi-si, which is sent to the U.S. justice Department several statements in which he informed about the readiness voluntarily to return home and stand trial. On specifying question of the journalist of the TV company, whether he is ready to go to jail, Snowden replied in the affirmative.

“I am ready to appear before the court, but I don’t want to become a deterrent to people who want to do the right things,” he said. The question of how he sees his future, Snowden with a smile said that the American government promised not to torture him. “This can already be considered the beginning,” he said.

Comment Snowden appeared a few months after in April, U.S. attorney General Eric holder, admitted the possibility of imprisonment for Snowden plea bargain. She needs to soften any possible punishment for the ex-NSA employee, who is now under the charges faces a long prison term or even the death penalty. “This law [the espionage act] I can’t even explain their motives to the jury. There is simple: if he admitted that he had divulged the information, then automatically you’re guilty,” explains Snowden in interview bi-Bi-si.

Former NSA employee Snowden revealed the methods of work of special services of the USA. Declassified documents show that U.S. intelligence services wiretapped not only ordinary citizens, but also foreign politicians. According to Snowden, he handed over to journalists tens of thousands of documents. The ex-NSA employee claims that the disclosed information cannot cause serious damage to the national interests of the United States.

After the publication of secret data Snowden fled to Hong Kong and later moved to Moscow, where, after long negotiations he was granted asylum in August 2013.