The court refused to increase the probationary period Bulk to 2020

The court refused to increase the probationary period Bulk to 2020

Lublin court of capital on Wednesday refused to increase the probationary period to the oppositional politician Alexey Navalny for a month, the correspondent from a court hall. They were demanded by the Federal service of punishment execution (FSIN).

Also the Federal penitentiary service was asked to impose on the convict an additional obligation to repay all damage to the company “IPC” for six months. However, in this request they were denied.

Chaotic movement

As it became known in court, the reason for the appeal of the Federal penitentiary service was two circumstances: in October, Navalny one day later came to be noted in the inspection, but also became aware of the fact that the bailiffs instituted enforcement proceedings against him and his younger brother Oleg.

In December 2014 Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow found the brothers Navalny guilty of theft of more than 31 million rbl. the company “Yves Rocher East” and “MIC”. Then the court sentenced Oleg to 3.5 years of imprisonment, and to Alexey — to the same punishment conditionally, but with a trial period in 5 years. According to the court, they shall jointly and severally indemnify the company, “IPC” in the amount of 4.5 million rubles, the Company “Yves Rocher East” in turn, any of the monetary claims did not show.

“Bulk should be in the inspection in strictly certain days. Its chaotic appearance, it is impossible to control”, — complained to the court of the Deputy chief of the Criminal-Executive inspection in Lublin district Antonina Bazarov.

Navalny explained that really had to come to register in the inspection 1 October, but only came the next morning. “I was with my family on vacation in Gelendzhik and presented you the tickets” — he turned to Bazarov. The representative of the Inspectorate was informed that a vacation is not a valid reason.

Conscientious payer

Attorney Bulk Vadim Kobzev, in turn, reported that the principal began to repay the damage in front of “MIC” immediately after September 2, learned about initiation of Executive production.

According to the lawyer, Navalny has already paid three installments 2,95 million roubles — the money was debited from his arrested account and some Bank transfers made.

Kobzev insisted that the Federal penitentiary service has no right to demand to repay the damage. “Bulk and so need to do this by a court,” said the lawyer.

Now, the defense Navalny appealed to the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow, and requested the opposition installments to pay off the remaining damages in five months, said Kobzev. “Navalny can’t print money, he can pay 300 thousand a month,” he explained. The court session is scheduled for October 14, reported the lawyer.

The Prosecutor asked the court to extend Navalny’s trial period, but to refuse the imposition of additional duties.

For decision the judge took nearly three hours. Neither Navalny nor his lawyer Kobzev do not have to wait for a decision and left the court immediately after the meeting.

In June the Lublin court of Moscow has extended the probationary period Navalny in the case of “Kirovles” to 5.5 years. Thus, the punishment in the first case Bulk expires in January 2019, the second in late December.