The ex-speaker of the Duma of Nizhny Novgorod elected head of the city

The ex-speaker of the Duma of Nizhny Novgorod elected head of the city

The candidacy of Ivan Kornilina, who had headed the Duma of several convocations, voted 28 of 44 deputies present at the meeting of the Nizhny Novgorod city Duma.

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, 7 Oct. Deputies of Nizhny Novgorod city Duma of the new convocation at its first meeting on Wednesday was elected head of the city Ivan Kornilina, who had headed the Duma of several convocations.

According to the Charter of Nizhny Novgorod, the mayor is elected from structure Gordumy on her tenure. Shall be considered elected who will vote the majority of MPs. Just as the head of the city there are two candidates — Dmitry Krasnov, proposed by the faction “United Russia” and the independent candidate Ivan Karelin.

During the meeting, a proposal was made at the time the acting head of the city Oleg Sorokin in order of nomination to nominate his candidacy. “I’m not leaving the Duma, but taking the personal out of it”, responded to the proposal Sorokin.

In secret ballot, voted for Carilina 28 of 44 deputies present at the meeting. After the announcement of the results of the vote, Karelin took the oath. He also thanked the MPs who voted for him, and “called to consolidate all the forces to work for the benefit of residents of Nizhny Novgorod”.

Sorokin later told journalists that the decision to withdraw was taken because of the “difficult political situation”. According to the ex-mayor, his position on a number of issues did not find understanding in the regional government.

“At the end of the fifth year of the city leadership relations (regional government), which was built quite constructively, began gradually to disappear. In this regard, I was such a difficult decision. It was taken in early August when I realized that on the key issues of city management, city development, unfortunately, any solution, whatever is adopted, will be blocked, would not be supported given the fact that powers today and imperious, and financial mainly concentrated in the regional government”, — he added.

Sorokin also urged “all levels of government” to focus and to gain maximum advantages of positive for Nizhny Novgorod residents of upcoming events — the FIFA world Cup, the 800th anniversary of the city and the construction of high speed railway. “If these growth points will not be used by the city, then we will hopelessly fall behind”, he said.

In turn, the new head of the city Karelin told reporters that hopes to build relations with the regional government. “We need the support of the Governor, and I think that it will be provided,” he said.

Ivan Karelin was the Deputy of all convocations of the Duma (on September 13 of this year was elected to the city Duma of the sixth convocation), four times fellow delegates chose him President of the city Council, in the constituency of Leninsky district for his candidacy has always voted in a record number of people — more than 72% of voters.

Nizhniy Novgorod is the fifth largest city in Russia with a population of almost 1.3 million people. Important economic, transport and cultural center of the country. The city is located 400 kilometers East from Moscow.