The hole in the main Bank Motylev increased to 111 billion rubles.

The hole in the main Bank Motylev increased to 111 billion rubles.

According to the representative of the Central Bank, the Bank’s assets amount to 39 billion roubles, obligations — 150 billion rubles. Thus, the negative capital amounted to 111 billion rubles Previously, the Central Bank, based on data of the interim administration, estimated the hole at 74.7 billion rubles, and this estimate was corrected immediately after the revocation of the license of the Chairman of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov told about the negative equity of 50 billion rubles. And even then it was the big hole in the capital among all banks with revoked licenses during the period when the Chairman of the Central Bank is Elvira Nabiullina.

Earlier, the Central Bank reported that the real value of the loan portfolio at the last reporting date amounted to $ 52.6 billion rubles instead of 89.4 billion rubles, and investments in securities and other financial assets available-for-sale — 9.4 billion rubles as compared to 20.1 billion rubles.

Also in court it was stated that the Bank owed a tax of 130 million rubles.

The court recognized “the Russian credit” bankruptcy, the Deposit insurance Agency was appointed as bankruptcy Trustee. Motyleva, the representative requested the court to postpone the hearing on the grounds that his client did not have time to read all seven volumes of the case. He also said that one of the shareholders of the Bank, Vladimir Sergeev, filed a lawsuit against the Central Bank, in which he asks to recognize as illegal the revocation of the license. “The shareholders believe that the Bank could be saved,” — said the representative of Motylev.

In late July the Bank of Russia revoked the licenses of banks Anatoly Motylev — “the Russian credit” Bank, SBA Bank “the Tula industrialist”.

In early August, the Bank of Russia revoked the licenses of seven private pension funds, which are market connected with crank. In seven pension funds of the group Motylev was 50,6 billion rubles of pension savings, of which, according to preliminary estimates by the Central Bank, illiquid assets — 35,6 billion rubles.

As written before , the customers of banks and pension funds financial group Anatoly Motylev was invested in bonds of companies “Transgazservice”, “Promnefteservice and Straiten”, which was financed through mine, poultry and low-rise building project in the town of Lobnya. All the projects related to the shareholders.

The funds were also invested in mortgage participation certificates which were issued by the company “Fortryd”, told a friend Motylev, a source close to the pension funds Motylev, and a source close to the management company “Interfin the capital”. Through last invested 99% of pension funds assets of the group Motylev.

Just “Portrait” did six issues of certificates, but the money of future retirees were invested in only three of them — “moon Beach”, “Beach” and “Coast of dreams”. The only collateral for these mortgage certificates was earth, which on the loan to Bank “the Russian credit” bought the company “Technopark”. Friend Motylev claimed that the share certificates in the portfolios of certain funds reached the maximum allowed 40%.

In late July, wrote that the owner “the Russian credit” Anatoly Motylev disappeared: the Bank’s management has not seen her shareholder from the moment of revocation of the license of the Bank. “After the meeting, the Central Bank last Thursday late evening Motylev call the Manager of the Bank, told them that managed to reach an agreement about his rehabilitation. After that Motylev no one has seen or heard,” said a source close to a management “the Russian credit”. The next day, Friday, July 24, the Central Bank revoked the licenses of three banks motyleva — “the Russian credit” Bank and SBA Bank, and on Monday — “the Tula industrialist”. Another source close to the pension funds, said that Motylev left the country.