Miller: “the Turkish stream” will meet Turkey’s request about additional 3 billion cubic meters

MOSCOW, October 8. At least two of the three requested Turkey billion cubic meters of gas will be supplied through the pipeline “Turkish stream”. About it told journalists the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller, answering the question about the request of Turkey on increasing Russian gas supply to 3 billion cubic meters of gas annually via the Blue stream pipeline.

“Various options are. No final decisions have been made yet. But at least two of the three requested billion cubic meters of gas will be supplied through the pipeline “Turkish stream”, said the head of “Gazprom”.

As previously reported, the decision to build the “Turkish stream” was adopted in December of last year based on an increase in Turkey’s demand for Russian gas. Now the gas is supplied to Turkey by land and sea gas pipeline “Blue stream” (Black sea). Peak demand of Turkey “Gazprom” as a rule is covered by the supplies on a direct route across the Black sea.

Recently, the head of Gazprom said that the company is limited to the construction of two lines of the “Turkish stream” because the “Nord stream 2” until you can close the growing needs of Europe in Gaza.

Gazprom may supply gas to Southeast Europe, “Nord stream 2”, said on Thursday Miller, answering the question of the possibility of such logistics in the supply of Russian gas to the countries of South-Eastern Europe. “Yes, they can be provided also from Baumgarten”, – said the head of gas monopoly.

The capacity of Nord stream after the construction of another two lines will be doubled and will amount to 110 billion cubic meters, “the Turkish stream” will be able to transport 32 billion cubic meters. Thus, in addition to Europe (including Turkey – approx. ed.) will be able to get 87 billion cubic meters of Russian gas.