Mironov: WE will not support the draft Federal budget for 2016

Mironov: WE will not support the draft Federal budget for 2016

The leader “Fair Russia” considers the draft Federal budget for 2016, which should be discussed in the Russian government, anti-social.

MOSCOW, 8 Oct. Faction “Fair Russia” will not support the draft Federal budget for 2016, which today is discussing the government, told journalists the head of the socialist-revolutionaries, Sergei Mironov.

The Russian government on Thursday will discuss the draft Federal budget for 2016, which, after recent legislative innovations is only accepted for the coming year due to high volatility in commodity and financial markets, follows from the materials for the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. Previously the budget has been adopted for three years. Traditionally, together with the main financial document of the country will be discussed budgets for 2016 of the Pension Fund, Federal compulsory medical insurance Fund and social insurance Fund.

Mironov believes that the government should more decisively to restore order in the budget sphere, and the idea of raising the retirement age and reduced the indexation of pensions is irresponsible.

“We will never agree and will not support in the state Duma a draft anti-social budget,” said the leader of the CP.

According to the draft, posted on the portal of information about preparation of normative legal acts, the budget deficit of the Russian Federation in 2016 will amount 2,184 trillion rubles, or 2.8% of GDP. The Ministry of Finance has laid the draft income in the amount of 13.6 billion rubles, the expenses — to 15.8 trillion rubles.

The draft budget for 2016 was imposed on the basis of an updated macro forecast of Ministry of economic development, according to which the average annual price for oil will be 50 dollars per barrel, the ruble exchange rate is 63.3%, GDP growth will reach 0.7%, the inflation rate is 6.4%, the industrial output growth to 0.6%.