Sberbank has demanded in court from “daughter” of “Mechel” $224 million

Sberbank has demanded in court from “daughter” of “Mechel” $224 million

From the information on the website of the Arbitration court that the suit against the coal company “southern Kuzbass” was received at the court on 6 October. The claim is not yet accepted for production. On the grounds of the claim at this point in the trial transcript is not reported.

As told RIA Novosti news Agency a source familiar with situations, in addition to this claim Sberbank has filed for arbitration three more requirements for “southern Kuzbass” in total for $51 million and 3.3 billion rubles In the files of arbitration cases there is no information yet on these claims.

Total debt of “Mechel” to the creditors on 20 April 2015 $7,015 billion, the Largest creditors of “Mechel”, which is already more than a year fighting for survival because of giant debt — VTB, Sberbank and Gazprombank. Sberbank accounts for about $1.36 billion, VTB — $1.15 billion, and Gazprombank — $2 billion.

September 9, Mechel has agreed a debt restructuring with one of its largest creditors — VTB Bank — for a total amount of 70 billion rubles of new agreements Mechel must begin to repay the principal on a monthly basis from April 2017 till April 2020. Borrowers on lines of credit are “Mechel” and his “daughter” — the southern Kuzbass, Yakutugol and Chelyabinsk metallurgical complex.

Previously to restructure the debts of the company Igor Zyuzin agreed Gazprombank. In late August, the Bank agreed to a deferred payment of $1.4 billion and 33.7 billion rubles on the same terms as that of VTB.