The Kaliningrad deputies supported the restriction of the sale of “power”

The Kaliningrad deputies supported the restriction of the sale of “power”

A bill to limit or ban the sale of nonalcoholic energy drinks in the first reading was adopted by the deputies of the Kaliningrad regional Duma.

KALININGRAD, 8 Oct. Deputies of the Kaliningrad regional Duma adopted in first reading a bill banning retail sales of low-alcoholic soft drinks and restrictions on the sale of non-alcoholic energy drinks to minors, despite the negative conclusion of the Prosecutor’s office.

“Before making the relevant changes in Federal legislation at the present stage it is premature to adopt such a law,” — said at the session of the regional Parliament, the representative of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

A bill to limit or ban the sale of energy drinks has caused active discussion among parliamentarians. According to a number of deputies, it is necessary to carefully study the bill to prevent the infringement of the rights of citizens and businesses — from manufacturers to retailers.

“Knowing that Federal legislation will soon be amended to give us the authority to decide such matters on the ground, we decide today that we need now to proceed to the elaboration of the document, to consult with the business and all stakeholders, calmly, thoroughly,” said the Chairman of the Committee on economic policy of the regional Duma Alexander Kuznetsov.

According to the Deputy of regional Duma Yury Shitikov, “in this bill we will provide a “disservice” to the residents of the region.” “Never any bans did not lead to the achievement of results. We will get tax reduction, the criminalization of retailers, reduce the number of jobs,” he said.

According to the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, 24% of Russians living in cities, regularly consume low-alcohol tonic beverages, 7% of them drink their daily. The production of low-alcoholic soft drinks in Russia is growing annually by approximately 33%.

Earlier it was reported that the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs under President Boris Titov considered the actions of the authorities of the five regions where the energy drinks actually equated to alcohol, a violation of the rights of producers of energy drinks. Business Ombudsman asked the Minister of justice to check how the legitimate prohibitions and restrictions on the sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic soft drinks.

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