Senator Poletaev has proposed to prohibit the bankrupt to hold gosdolzhnosti

Senator Poletaev has proposed to prohibit the bankrupt to hold gosdolzhnosti

Vladimir Poletaev considers that the laws governing state and municipal employees, you need to make changes, in particular, to restrict the rights of unable to pay obligatory payments to hold public office.

MOSCOW, 9 Oct. Senator Vladimir Poletaev has proposed to legally limit the rights of citizens recognized by court by insolvent (bankrupt) due to the inability to pay obligatory payments, to occupy state and municipal positions.

Poletaev intends shortly to present a bill. According to the Senator, requires amendments to the laws on the status of the Deputy of the state Duma on the civil service and other regulating the activities of state and municipal employees.

Explaining its proposal, the politician noted that while the Constitution obliges every citizen to pay legally established taxes and fees, the practice of recent years shows that sometimes civil servants, deputies, neglect this duty. “This undermines the credibility of public authorities — both state and municipal, discredits it in the eyes of ordinary citizens, thereby impeding effective implementation by state authorities and local self-government of their responsibilities,” said Poletaev.

He stressed that this initiative meets the Constitution, according to which rights and freedoms may be restricted for the protection of the constitutional system, morality, health, rights and lawful interests of other persons, ensuring of national defense and state security. “Taxes — a key source of financing of state obligations, including in the social sphere. And the civil servants neglect their direct constitutional duty to pay taxes and fees could be viewed as undermining the foundations of statehood”, — said the MP.

Poletaev noted that in the case of adoption of law its implementation will not require budget funding. “Meanwhile, benefit from the introduction of restrictive rules is obvious — they will not only promote the discipline of civil servants, but also the budget of the Russian Federation”, — he concluded.