The head of the Kremlin administration thanked spiritual leaders for their support of Russia’s actions in Syria

MOSCOW, October 9. The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov thanked the spiritual leaders of the Russian Federation for the unconditional support of Russia’s actions in Syria. According to the official Kremlin website, thankyou he said at a meeting of the Council under the Russian President on interaction with religious associations.

“Sergey Ivanov expressed gratitude to the spiritual leaders of Russia’s unconditional support for the actions of our country against international terrorists in Syria, stressing that it is the true servants of faith can now do much to prevent threats related to the provoking of conflicts on national and religious grounds”, – stated in the message of the Kremlin.

The meeting discussed issues related to the improvement of joint activity of public authorities and of the clergy on the harmonization of inter-religious and inter-ethnic relations. “Given the multi-confessional nature of Russian society speakers noted the special importance of such actions, and proposes specific steps for plan implementation in 2016-2018 the Strategy of state national policy of the Russian Federation”, – reported in the Kremlin.

“Analyzed the activities of regional authorities created working groups on the harmonization of interethnic relations, and the estimation of participation of representatives of religious organizations”, – noted in press service.

In addition, the meeting discussed proposals in the field of improvement of legislation, law enforcement and international cooperation, worked out by the commissions of the Council.