A good bet: how to turn 10 thousand to 10 million

A good bet: how to turn 10 thousand to 10 million

Turning $1 thousand to $1 million in the stock market — a classic story for American publications and financial blogs. In late 2013, The Atlantic calculated, as a trader with $1 thousand could earn for the year $264 billion this required daily since January 2013 for 241 session to buy the highest-yielding stocks from the S&P 500 index. It presents the largest U.S. companies. In this scenario, the millionaire investor was in April 2013, and a billionaire in August.

Resource specializing in cheap shares (penny stocks), Aimhighprofits.com said that $1 thousand is theoretically possible to turn $1 million for 37 steps. This requires that every investment brought a return of 20%.

The interest of the Americans all of these stories is not only of theoretical nature. The gambling was fond, for example, a possible contender for the U.S. presidency from the democratic party Hillary Clinton. In 1978-79 he was for 10 months due to commodity futures, she was able from $1 thousand to make $99,5 thousand

In 2007 I published the first edition of the book “an American hedge Fund. How I made $2 million on the stock exchange and founded the hedge Fund”. Its author was a 26-year-old trader, lover of Timothy Sykes. By his own admission, thanks to the investing in penny stocks, he managed to multiply his initial capital of $12.4 thousand in $1.65 million in 4 years. In 2013, two “student” Sykes became millionaires, acting on its recommendations. Tim Grittani for 2.5 years managed to turn $1.5 thousand to $1 million, and Michael Goode has made $100 thousand to $1 million

In Russia and the stock market is much less, and the amount of other. Moscow exchange holds an annual competition “Best private investor” (current ends in December). Last year at this competition in the nomination “stock market” defeated party who earns 534%. Nested 73 000 he three months turned into 389 000 rubles.

We also decided to estimate how much it would take time successful investor to from 10 thousand to make 10 million roubles. Under the terms of the task, in the beginning of the week would have to acquire shares from the MICEX index, which by the close of trading Friday the price will rise the most. Then they would be sold and the proceeds bought the most profitable stocks next week. In General, the solution to this problem, if you guess every week the most profitable paper of 50 (as many of the shares included in the MICEX index), will take 56 weeks, or nearly 13 months. To understand: the probability to guess twice in a row is 0.04% and 56 times in a row, the number with 95 zeros after the decimal point. To do this, of course, impossible, but why not to dream?

10 million rubles for 56 weeks

We have selected stocks from MICEX index with the highest weekly gains. If you guess them every week, even in the Russian stock market, which since September 1 of last year increased by 17%, you can receive 10 million rubles 10 000 rubles. It will take only 13 months.