Apple presented their new products

LOS ANGELES, September 9. /Corr. Vitaly Makarchev/. The presentation of the company Apple started in San Francisco with demonstrations of new apps to Apple Watch.

Thus, new versions of smart hours will be posted app Facebook – Messenger.

“A few months ago, we started sales of the Apple Watch, and “smart watches” already changed people’s lives, said CEO Tim cook. – 97% of owners of hours with them”.

“We have the most extensive plans to modernise Apple Watch”, – he stressed.

Presentation of new products and development takes place Apple in the center and Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in front of 7 thousand of the invited experts and businessmen.

Started the sales of Apple Watch in Russia

Sale hours Apple Watch was launched on 31 August at 7:01 Moscow time on the territory of Russia.

The Apple Watch went on sale in the online store Apple Online Store stores Apple premium Resellers, in particular in iPort, Re:Store, C-store.

The price of watches in the Apple Store, depending on the model ranges from 23 to 78 990 990 rubles.

The new iPad Pro

Apple also introduced a new tablet iPad Pro.

“We asked ourselves the question: is it possible to improve the iPad, said Apple CEO Tim cook. We found the answer: Yes.” He presented the new iPad to the company with a larger screen of 12.9 inches.

Thanks to a new processor in it 22 times faster than the first iPad from Apple, and up to 80 percent faster now available in the world market of tablets. Its battery provides 10 hours of continuous operation until complete exhaustion.

Created a flexible keyboard that connects to iPad Pro that actually turns it into a portable computer.

For the new tablet developed numerous accessories, including a special pencil. With it on the iPad Pro you can create high quality drawings and artwork.

This new iPad Pro will be installed package of office applications Microsoft Office.

As a result, the iPad Pro will run in Microsoft that improves the competitiveness of the tablet in business.

Apple TV

The presentation also presents an updated version of the TV working through digital media the Apple TV.

“The main efforts are concentrated on the annexes to the TV, said CEO Tim cook. Applications create a new kind of television where consumers can get the material that they want.”

Cook said that Apple TV will get an updated operating system and will be controlled via voice personal assistant Siri.

New iPhone

Apple introduced two new versions of its smartphone – the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. They showed the scene CEO Tim cook.

“iPhone most popular smartphone in the world, he said. – IPhone 6 is the market leader”.