Network “Vkontakte” began to filter unwanted comments

Network “Vkontakte” began to filter unwanted comments

A new moderation tool will assist administrators of public community to deal with obscene, extremist or other unwanted comments.

MOSCOW, September 10. Social network “Vkontakte” launched a new tool moderation filter review groups and public pages. About it reported in a press release. The filter will allow automatically delete unwanted entries containing profanity or any other keywords, at the option of the administrator page.

Innovation is already available to the first 50 million groups, public pages and events. As explained by “Vkontakte”, for administrators will be two options of moderation. The first option involves the filtering of foul language on the basis of a dictionary compiled with the participation of professional philologists and linguists. The second option will give community administrators an opportunity to create your list of “stop words”. Any comments that fall under the filter will be automatically deleted immediately after their publication. The moderators of the page will be able to see all trapped under the filter comments in your activity log and, if necessary, to restore them.

“This is a significant step for facilitating the maintenance of big media and brands, for which the purity of the discussions in the comments on their page “Vkontakte” is crucial. Some communities of “Vkontakte” receive thousands of comments from its subscribers every day. This tool will allow you to lower the costs on moderation pages, and minimises reputational risks for companies”, — said the head of the press service of “Vkontakte” Giorgi Lubushkin.

As noted in the company, now obscene words filter is available in four languages — Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and English. However, in the dictionary of stop-words and expressions administrators and moderators of the page will be able to add words in any language. Dictionaries filters will automatically self-learn, and administrators will see the reason for deleting each comment in the action log.

“VKontakte” is the largest Russian social network, daily audience of 80 million people.