Economist Angus Deaton thanked the Nobel Committee for the appreciation of his labors

NEW YORK, October 12. /Corr. Igor Borisenko/. The Princeton Professor Angus Deaton thanked the Nobel Committee for deciding to award him the Nobel prize in Economics in 2015.

“I’m just delighted,” said he to the journalists.

The article, posted on the web site of Princeton University, the Nobel laureate said that the main area of his research is the health, welfare and economic development.

“My current research concerns factors that determine levels of health in poor and rich countries, as well as measurements of the level of poverty in India and around the world, added Deaton. I also, as before, are showing interest in the results of surveys on the state of households”.

As reported in the School of public and international Affairs Woodrow Wilson at Princeton University, where Professor Deaton has been teaching since 1983, the Nobel prize awarded to him for “work involving issues of consumption, poverty, and welfare”.

Apart from Professor Deaton winners of the Nobel prize in Economics began in recent years and other teachers at Princeton University’s Christopher Sims in 2011, Paul Krugman in 2008 and Daniel Kahneman in 2002.

69-year-old Angus Deaton is a native of Edinburgh, has British and American citizenship. In the UK he taught at Cambridge University and the University of Bristol, is a member-correspondent of the British Academy, a fellow of the American Academy of arts and Sciences, in 2009 he headed the American Association of economists, in April 2014, he was elected a member of the American philosophical society, and in April of this year he became a member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.

Nobel prize in Economics – the most prestigious prize in economic Sciences. Founded by the Bank of Sweden on the occasion of its 300th anniversary. The prize was first awarded in 1969. The prize is 8 million Swedish kronor ($953 thousand at today’s exchange rate). The awards ceremony will be held on the day of death of Alfred Nobel on 10 December in Stockholm.

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