The passenger traffic of Aeroflot group after the departure “Transaero” can grow to 9 million people

MOSCOW, October 12. The passenger traffic of Aeroflot group after the withdrawal from the market “Transaero” will increase to 9 million people a year, said General Director of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev.

In 2014, Transaero airlines carried 13.2 million passengers, Aeroflot – 25 million passengers.

“According to our estimates, Aeroflot will get 6-7 million at best, as a group – maximum of 9 million people with the “Victory” and “Russia”. On the market there are other airlines, passengers are not of our class,” said Savelyev in an interview to “Kommersant”.

He also noted that the withdrawal of “Transaero” will improve the market and “partially compensates for 40% of excess capacities”. “Analysts a year ago were saying that because of the crisis 20-30% of passengers, which last year transported by the Russian airlines will no longer fly. This so-called one-time passengers. The market is overloaded with suggestion containers carriers,” – said Saveliev.

According to him, do not be afraid of increasing the share of Aeroflot on the market. “Now “Aeroflot” takes more than 40%, taking into account falling of the market. Indeed, there is the fear that “Aeroflot” will suddenly become a dominant company, will occupy more than 50% of the market, but look what is happening abroad, Lufthansa has over 60% of the domestic market, Air France – over 60%, the Spanish market holding at this level,” said Savelyev. “It is unclear what everyone is afraid of? “Aeroflot” absolutely reliable company, the state has a controlling stake,” he added.

According to Saveliev, Aeroflot is ready will take no more than 35 planes “Transaero”. “Of course, Aeroflot was looking at the Park of lessors, if necessary additional machines. The entire fleet of “Transaero” we are concerned about 30-35 aircraft. But until we can negotiate, because there are no solutions of creditors who have even tried to create on the basis of “Transaero” new airline”, – he explained.

“In 2014, Transaero airlines carried 13.2 million passengers, total staff of 12 thousand people. “Aeroflot” has transported 25 million passengers, we employ 19 thousand persons. Whatever happens, the group of “Aeroflot” will receive at least half of the passengers of “Transaero”. So 5-6 thousand of their employees theoretically we could take,” – said Saveliev.