Plant “Vyatich” will invest 500 million rubles in the increased production of “Vyatka kvass”

IZHEVSK, October 13. /Corr. Eugene Samushkova/. Plant “Vyatich” in the Kirov region will invest 500 million rubles in the capacity increase after the popularity of “Vyatka kvass”. On Tuesday journalists were told by the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh at the joint international forum in Udmurtia.

Sales of the “Vyatka” kvas for the year increased three times, said White. Currently the company has no problems with the implementation of kvass – a drink as “insane” is gaining popularity across the country, said the Governor.

“The company owners made a decision today and implement the investment project worth half a billion rubles to build a new line because the existing facilities could not allow them to meet all the needs in procurement,” said White.

Brewing plant “Vyatich” in Kirov, founded in 1903, also produces kvass and other soft drinks. Earlier it was informed that in 2014 the plant produced 12 thousand tons non-alcoholic product – 10% more than in 2013.

Today in the Udmurt Republic opened a joint international forum with the main events will be held until October 16. It is planned that the forum will become a communication platform for business, government and community members. In Udmurtia it is expected the visit of the delegates from the diplomatic missions and authorities of Austria, Belarus, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Finland, Slovakia, as well as economic missions from Armenia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Belarus, India, Italy, China.